Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Soft stamp nail art

When I purchased my magnetic polishes from Nail Art and More, I also purchase four soft stamp nail art pads.

The pads are about 1cm tick, and on one side they have coloured versions of the stamping designs.  These are good (in theory) because they give you an idea of what can stamped.

The under side of the stamp has the designs engraved and the finish and feel of this stamp is similar to a konad stamper - slippery and silicone like.

The idea is that you paint the polish directly onto the stamp like so..

Then blot off the excess polish onto paper so that only polish remains in the engraved area.

Then you simply roll the stamp onto your nail...  yeah right!

Like any new product, there is a steep learning curve at the beginning.  I recall my first efforts at konad and know they were dreadful, but were they as dreadful as this??

As you can see the polish didn't transfer out of the stamp correctly.  It was gluggy and thick and horrible.  But I did manage to get an OK kiss.

After these I tried to do multi coloured combinations, which was the main reason I bought these. I haven't been able to do that with Konad because of using the scraper.  Well, lets just say that I haven't posted those photos for a reason.  I found it took me too long to apply the different colours to the stamp and then when I was trying to blot off the excess, it removed the polish from the engraved areas too.   I will continue to practice to determine what works and what doesn't.  I really want to get the multicoloured designs working.

Has anyone else seen these or used these?  How did you go? Got any tips to share?


  1. I wondered about these, they don't see as easy as the tutorial, you'll get it eventually I'm sure~

  2. I actually had a great experience using these when I got them a few months ago. Easier then konad for me and I even managed a full nail stamp :)

  3. UGH! I had wondered about these but concluded that the nail polish waste was extensive. Konad seems way easier.

  4. Practice makes perfect, thank Freshie.

    Kira - well done! got any tips for me?

    Konad-licious - I don't think these use any more polish than konad, but certainly agree that konad is way easier!!

  5. hmm,, mine is pretty easy thought ,, got a nice and colorful nail every week,,,

  6. Now that months have gone by, how about a follow-up review, even if you've tossed them on the bin.

  7. Patti, you're on - I'll try them out again this weekend. I've watched a number of video tutorials about these now so maybe that will make all the difference.

  8. how did I completely miss this?????????????? Must investigate!

  9. I'm here because I have to review one of these.. and I have to agree, they're kind of a pain. I can't seem to get a clean line with them.


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