Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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Artform light blue holographic 512

Only three more holos to show you from my giveaway range.  Introducing the light blue holo.

Um, what to say about this polish that is different from the previous posts about these Artform holo polishes. Same scattinear holo finish, smooth application, glossy finish, yada yada yada.  Oh not sure if I have said this yet, they are not super fast to dry like other holos, maybe that is why the wear is so much better?

Again, I wanted to do a comparison between this and the Nfu Oh 65 blue polish, so here it is.  I did this in the shade to show you that the colour is very similar. Nfu OH 65 on the index and ring, Artform holo on Middle and pinky.

Here is the sun comparison picutre. Artform on the left Nfu Oh on the right.  Yeah, I know it's no Nfu Oh, but it still sure is pretty.

Two more to go.


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