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Nail blogger lingo

When I started reading nail polish blogs about a year and a half ago, I discovered a whole new vocabulary.  Lets have a quick chat about a few of them today.

Lemming - Ok, so my first thoughts when I saw 'lemming' was a small furry-footed rodent.  But the context of "I'm really lemming this" just didn't work.  My next thought was the lovable green haired characters in the Lemmings game.  Do you remember these little guys?  What a fun mindless game of the 90's.  I finally worked out that a lemming was neither of these, but in fact a longing, yearing, wish, desire etc. 

But now I'm beginning to wonder about the connection between lemmings (the game character) and lemmings (our polish desires).  I mean we get lemmings (polish desires) from seeing awesome polishes on other peoples blogs, and then getting the uncontrollable desire to have that same polish.  It seems that we are maybe a little like those lemmings (games characters) in following what we see other people do.  Umm food for thought.

Stash - So we all know what this one is, and no its not the same one as used during Movember when we say to our mates "Nice stash bro"... (Aussie gals will know what I'm talking about). I just love the way nail polish bloggers use this term.  Instead of having a nail polish collections, we have stashes.  And I just love seeing peoples pictures of the stashes, and how they store and organise them.

Haul - Another word that I just love how nail polish bloggers use.  When we get nail polish in the mail, its not just a delivery, its a haul.  "Look what I just hauled in", like you've just been fishing and you caught a fish 'this big'.

Shrinkage - Alright, when I first saw someone writing on their blog about shrinkage, I had a little giggle like a school girl, just like Homer Simpson when he says 'titmouse' tee hee hee.  Seriously now, last time I heard the word shrinkage was from my husband after jumping into our pool and finding it A LOT colder than expected. But now I understand, in the nail polish world this means where the polish dries and pulled back from the edge of the nail, thus shrinking as it dries.

Konad - Another word that when I first saw it, I was like "what, are you serious, you named your product Konad".  When I told my husband I bought some Konad plates online, he did a double take and said "you bought what...", "Konad" I said, "not Gonad".  Google it if you don't know what I mean.

And now, because this is a nail polish blog, here are some pretty sparkly nails.
This is Nubar Violet Sparkle, three coats with base and top coat. Very beautiful, bitch to remove.

I've learnt so much from nail polish blogs, where would I be without you.


  1. Love this post. There's always words I don't quite understand. But I don't feel like asking so I just try to guess. You've sorted out a couple for me.

  2. Is "Movember" similar to "No-Shave-November?" LOL

  3. You're close on 'Lemming'.
    You know in that Disney nature movie when all the lemmings (the cute furry rodents) jumped off the cliff? Well a nail polish lemming is something you'd 'jump off a cliff for', figuratively speaking of course.
    Aside from that, your definitions are correct and your comments are cute :)
    (and that polish is a MAJOR lemming of mine.)

  4. Heh, heh. That is half the fun of being a polish blogger. Learning and speaking a new language.

  5. Thanks for the comments gals.

    Movember (the month formerly known as November) is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men's health.

    Thanks for the info about the history of the nail polish lemming. I wonder who came up with that one!!

  6. Nice post - light and refreshing and I'm sure one that all polish addicts relate to!

  7. Fantastic entry! I'm new to the polish world and even newer to polish blogging and you've definitely helped clear some things up for me. :)

  8. My only complaint is lemming is often used to describe desired makeup items, clothing and other products not exclusively for nail polishes.

  9. Errr, I totally need 'nail polish sandwich' added to this list :-/


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