Sunday, March 13, 2011

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Revlon Street Wear - Prism

Yesterday I went sparkley and put on a couple of coats of an old bottle of Revlon Street Wear polish in Prism.  This bottle was almost dried up so I restored it to live with Seche Restore.  What an awesome product, I shall never throw out an old polish again.

Prism has large hexagonal holographic glitter in a clear base.  I only applied two coats and should have done more, cause there were bare patches, but really, in the sun this was so blinding anyway that I didn't notice.
Here is an up close of the glitter.  It was so sparkley that my photos were glare effected and appear rather washed out.

The chunky glitter needs a good layer of top coat, and then its still a little rough.  And it must be removed using the foil method.

In other news...I went on a bit of a bender last week purchasing polishes.

I really got stuck into a Nfu Oh stock take sale with Vivid Nails, they were selling their existing stock for $2.  Yes - Nfu Oh for $2!!.  But to go with that I placed an order for the one remaining Nfu Oh Holo that I don't have '62', and six flakie Nfu Oh polishes, including 51 (finally) - at $18 for the holo and $15 for the flakies, you do the math.

I also spent, shall we say, less than $200 but more than $150 (gasp!) buying the rest of the Artform holographic polishes that I don't have (six), plus their six Revolutionary Range multi chrome polishes, plus four Aluminium Foil polishes, plus three two tone illusion polishes.

Finally, I got off eBay a long time lemming, two bottles of the magnificent Sally Hansen Prism polish in Turquoise Opal, which is a duochrome that flashes from purple to green.

So after that effort, I'm officially on a no buy. I just can't wait for them all to turn up.  I told my husband that I wont buy anymore polishes until I have worn and posted about all these polishes, and the 50 or so waiting in my swatch box.

However, I'm also a firm believer that if you want a polish (or collection) really really badly, then you should get it. I'm soooo glad I spent the money last year to buy the full China Glaze OMG collection, as its so difficult to get now. I only got six of the twelve Kaleidoscopes, and wish I had got them all.

Nail polish can seriously be an addiction. Does anyone else have this same problem as me?

Hi, my name is Catherine and I'm a nail polish addict.


  1. Is VIvid nails still having a sale? I got some great nfu oh off them for $4 ages ago. I can't wait to see your Artform as they are next on my list, but being on a polish budget I am being careful which ones I get so I don't have double colours like my ozotics.

  2. Hi Kira - Vivid nails might still have the sale on, you can email Alex - and she will email you the list of what is still available.

    I totally agree about doubling up with the ozotics. The pictures of the artform bottles on their site look very similar with the ozotic multichromes, and I can't find swatch pictures anywhere.

  3. I agree with you. :) I'm glad I snatched up some of the OMG and Kaleidoscopes when I did- the price keeps going up and up. I'm starting to slowly haul less and I'm learning to spend on the big lemmings more. :)

  4. I think you can buy a swatch chart (I bought a swatch chart for ozotics myself). However it seems very limited and being on a low buy I am wary.


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