Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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Gradient halfmoon skittles

Today is another installment of nails inspired by instagram.  This time from @slacquerr who created a fantastic gradient half moon skittles mani.  I've chosen different colours and combinations, but the concept is still the same.

I received heaps of compliments on this mani, it was very eye catching and quite the talking piece.

To create this look you will need to find 10 polishes, with two in each shade. 
  1. Paint your base colour in the lighter shade and wait for that to dry
  2. Tape off your half moons, use hole reinforcement stickers or round dot stickers if you have them, otherwise just cut up sticky tape in circles like I did.
  3. Paint both the darker colour and lighter colour onto a makeup sponge and dab the gradient over the tape.
  4. Peel off the tape/stickers to show your creation.
This mani took just over an hour to do. The two most time consuming tasks for me were:
  • waiting for the base colour to dry enough so the tape wouldn't pull it up the polish.
  • cutting out 10 small half moons with sticky tape after tracing around a bottle cap to get a round shape DOH! - if you use round stickers this will save heaps of time!
The polishes I used were:

Index - Ulta3 Exotic Canary sponged with Ulta3 Tangerine Tango
Middle - Ulta3 Kiwi Kaos sponged with a franken made with TKB Chromium green pigment
Ring - OPI No room for the blues sponged with Cult Nails Time Traveler
Pinky - Picture Polish Wisteria sponged with Picture Polish Violet Femme
Thumb - Picture Polish Candy sponged with Ulta3 Pink Colada


  1. Stunning! Love this look! So colourful and cheerful ♥

  2. Totally Wow!! I love skittles and this takes it to a new dimension!

  3. AWESOME!!

    I'm a fellow Aussie loving your mani's!!

    Your work is Inspiring!! Love it!!!


  4. Stunning!!!I love your work! You have so much talent xx

  5. Fabulous! Definitely worth the effort!

  6. Love this! Great way to liven up a skittles mani.

  7. Wow, I was just thinking of doing something like this but was kind of scared to take on the task haha. Definitely looks like its worth the try!!

  8. Those are such excellent gradients! And your light/dark colour choices are perfect, they really do seem just like tonal shifts of the same colour, and that totally enhances the effect.

  9. It turned out great! I've been eyeing this one as well ~

  10. This is so cool!! I love it :D

  11. Would love to see a tutorial. The look reminds me of China Glaze Tranzitions with a twist.

  12. Omg this gorgeous! Love it so much!

  13. Wow, that looks really good! I hope it's ok if I copy it... :-)

  14. amazing!! I want to try to do it!

  15. This may have taken you a while, but the results are worth it - I love this! So colorful!


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