Saturday, March 16, 2013

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Femme Fatale - Even Tide and OPI Archibald painting

Femme Fatale Eventide, not surprisingly, is a polish that I love.  Why? It's gold, remember - I love all the gold polishes!!  It actually has lime gold, rose, fuchsia flecks, gold, holo, sea green and moss, all in a clear base. 

I layered one coat of Eventide over a really old gold polish I have NYX Antique Sparkle - it was just the perfect match.

Do you remember me telling you a couple of weeks back about Aussie artist Jen D'Arcy painting a portrait of Julia Morris using only OPI Lacquers as her entry in Australia's prestigious Archibald Prize.?

I requested a couple of photos from OPI to show you guys the painting she did.  Jen consumed over 1071 bottles of OPI lacquers and she painted directly from the individual bottles.  What an incredible painting!

Polish provided for review.


  1. Wow, epic sparkle!!

    That painting is crazy good too :)

  2. Super glitter !!! :) The painting is gorgeous

  3. Loving these Glitter Colours - Fab! And have to agree on the gold too :)
    Do you know anything about or where I can buy online the NEW Maybelline goes Electric Metallic Shades @ $3.99 for the month of March ONLY?? It's driving me crazy trying to find out after a recent Maybelline email as I belong to their club & get monthly updates with comps to enter or a voucher to use at various stores for discounts that type of thing. I'm starting to think its a US thing only but then why tell us about it. I thought I'd ask you anyway as you seem to have the latest of whichever brand has had a release & I like pinning your great nail art creations too :o)

  4. Ok, I just ordered my first FF polishes and now I wish I'd included Eventide!

    And that portrait is amazing, you wouldn't know it was nail polish!

  5. thats crazy talent.
    and that femme fatale polish. oh my lord, where do i even start with how awesome it looks....


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