Saturday, March 30, 2013

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Holo Cadbury eggs mmmmmmm...

Today's nails are bought to you by Cadbury.  I should totally be getting paid for this sort of product placement!  These were created using print at home temporary tattoo paper.  I just found some images of various mini Cadbury Easter eggs online and printed them out the right size for my nails.

For something different, I chose Nfu Oh 61 as my holo base this time.  I used aqua base so the application was perfect, but I also noted how much more opaque Nfu Oh 61 is compared to Layla Mercury Twilight that I normally wear.

My nails feature Cadbury Creme egg, Mars egg, Caramel egg and Dream egg.  My thumb also had a Turkish Delight egg, but I didn't capture it in my photos.

Today I also had the absolutle pleasure of catching up with four other nail obsessed ladies in Canberra. It was so wonderful chatting about polish and life for four hours! I loved hearing stories from the girls about how they got 'in-to' polish, as well as talking about brands and polishes we love, where to buy polish and of course glitter! There was:
We all received some custom polishes from Emily de Molly and got some of the new Alanna Renee polishes that will be released on Monday, plus lots of Easter chocolates! And of course we did the group nail shot. Thanks so much girls, it was lovely to get away from my two little monsters for several hours and talk polish.


  1. Thanks so much Cathy! I had a wonderful day today. I love these pictures of your Easter eggs! They look almost as good as the real nails looked! I can't wait till the next meetup! :)

  2. This is so pretty! Good enough to eat, haha.

    I wish I lived in the same city as you, would be awesome to meet you some day!

    I've heard of Emily de Molly but have yet to buy's on my list! Can't wait to see what you blog about!

  3. Can you make a tutorial on how you got that mani? I have never used my printer for nail art, so I am stumped. It turned out really cute.

    1. Hi Cin. I've done a tutorial on similar nail art using temporary tattoo paper here.

  4. OMG it looks fantastic!!!! nomnomnom!!! :) Happy Easter! xx

  5. Cute nails!!!
    How nice to hace someone close to talk about polish!!!

  6. Thanks so much for organising yesterday. It was so much fun and lovely to meet you all :) I can't get over your nails- so amazing! Here's to more AN meetings :D

  7. Fabulous Easter egg mani!
    How fantastic to meet up with some of your fellow polish fanatics. Oh to have been a fly on the wall for those conversations.
    Wouldn't it be awesome to plan a big get together somewhere over a weekend here in Aus with fellow bloggers (and lurkers)

  8. Absolutely eggs-cellent ;) Love it!!!!

  9. OMG we need a tutorial vid how you did it :)


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