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Gelicious - Aztec Blue, Beachy Peachy Coral & remover wraps

I have some swatches of two Gelicious hybrid gel polishes from the "You like it, we make it" range.  These two polishes were the first two shades that where 'liked' by Gelicious Facebook fans the most, and subsequently created a polishes.

The thing with gel polishes is that you can't just swatch them like you would with regular polishes, because of the curing and soak off process.  I'm slowing working through the entire Gelicious range to create swatches and a colour guide. I've been really enjoying wearing each of these shades for a while - often applying different glitters and toppers to change the look. 

Aztec Blue - a creamy pastel duck egg blue.  I used three thin coats of Aztec Blue and then the Ultra Glaze top coat to get a smooth and super dooper shiny finish.All photos are taken in the sun, which brightens up the colour. You can see what it looks like in the shade in the image with my hand on the wood.

Beachy Peachy Coral - a gorgeous peachy coral tone as the name suggests, in a smooth creme finish.  Again I used three very thin coats of Beachy Peachy Coral, topped with Ultra Glaze Top Coat.  This was a very flattering pink tone on my nails.  Again, all photos are in the sun, except the one with my hand on the wood.

When I received these polishes I also received the Pro-to-Home LED nail lamp - no more having to steal the lamp I bought for my mum!  New new lamp is fantastic. It's the top of the line lamp from Gelicious and I just love how you can preset the timer on the lamp from 30, 60 or 120 seconds and it comes on automatically when you place your hand under it. I previously used a stop watch app on my ipad while I was timing my curing - so this just makes the process so easy. It's also plenty big enough to fit your toes into with bumping them. The wattage is also higher and there are more LED lights in it, which makes me feel like it does a much better job,

The other thing I received to try were the new Gelicious remover wraps.  I thought these were going to just be a bit of foil with a bit of cotton stuck on them, which they are - but they are so much more than that too.  There are a bunch of photos below to show what these look like.  

They are a rectangle of foil, with one of the longer edges folded upward - this is the edge that you put at the open part around your nail (not the bit you twist up).  By having the fold of foil it creates a leak barrier to stop acetone escaping.  

The piece of foil has a large rectangle of very dense, white cotton - it's almost felt like.  You put the acetone on the pad, then wrap you fingers like you would normally do with bits of regular aluminium foil 

See, gorgeous wrapped fingers.

The big difference with these remover wraps compared to regular cotton and foil is that the wraps are very sturdy.  The foil has some sort of plastic backing which means it doesn't rip not matter how tight you twist the top around your nails.You can easily use them several times.  After removing them, I just unravel them and put them into a zip lock bag.

Finally, here is a sneak peek of the gorgeous Gelicious polishes I have in store for you. And just quietly, how freaking amazing is this soft bubble plastic bottle holder thingo!

Info about pricing for the lamps, hybrid gel polishes and remover wraps are all on the Gelicious website.

Products provided for swatching and review.


  1. Hallelujah and Amen that a blogger who is known for real nail polish reviews is highlighting the virtues of soak off gel. I didn't do my nails for years because it never looked good for long. I'm back purchasing, mixing brands, layering real nail polish on top and so on. For people who develop a sensitivity to mixing it's not recommended. The secret to layering is letting the real nail polish dry COMPLETELY before putting sog on top. For people who don't have allergies it's a bonanza and the best beauty invention- ever.

  2. Curiouscreature - I couldn't have said it better than you "Hallelujah and Amen that a blogger who is known for real nail polish reviews is highlighting the virtues of soak off gel."
    AND for busy people who always like their hands to look great - how nice is it to know that even if you don't have time to do that something extra every day - your nails still look perfect from one week to the next.

  3. I would also like to add my 110% recommendation for gelicious. I used to get my acrylics done religiously every 2-3 weeks or 15 years, and then moved to a remote area where it was not possible. I still wanted nice nails though. So thought I would try this. After 18 months my nails are in good condition and look great. My nails are thin and break, however when I use gelicious they do not. I know gelicious helps them because if I leave it off even briefly, or use nail polish on its own, my nails break and I have to start again. Thanks to Libby and gelicious for a product we can use at home with confidence.


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