Sunday, March 10, 2013

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Picture Polish - Black, Beige, Malt teaser & Top'n Base

I can tell you guys love nail art, so I'm going to try and do more of it for you - and for me too, cause I love creating and wearing nail art too.  But of course, I still have lots of swatches to show you, and today it's more Picture Polish shades.

Black. Yep it's black.  It was a two coater, but still a very nice smooth two coats.

Top'n base - This is Picture Polishes dual top and base coat polish. I can't say that I have used it as a base coat yet, but I have used it quite a lot as a top coat.  It dries very shiny as you can see in all these swatches today, because I used Picture Polish top'n base for all of them as top coat.  Dry time for this top coat seemed good.  I gently tapped at the top of one of the nails to see if it was dry, know that if it were Seche Vite it would be, and it was.  I've mainly been using this as a middle top coat for when I wear chunky or hungry glitter polishes.

Beige - you would have seen this polish peeking through my unzipping denim nails a few days back.  The little tag line at the top of this polish captures this shade perfectly - A sophisticated classic... Opaque in two smooth coats.

Malt teaser - There are many names that could have been chosen for this delicious looking milk chocolate shade, but I'm guessing Malteasers are a favourite snack for those Picture Polish ladies.  And personally, if you don't like Malteasers, then there is genuinely something wrong with you!  Two coats with top'n base.

How can I post about this polish without mentioning these amazing creations that are in shops now.  OH EMM GEEE - if you have never tried a Malt Easter bunny then you haven't lived.  I gobbled this one up shortly after taking this shot!  arrrggghhh *wipes drool from mouth*

And tonight you get a bonus swatch of festival, which I had never swatched over black.  Gorgeous multicoloured flakie goodness.

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  1. Goodness, everything always looks so gorgeous on you!

    I have Festival too, and it's full of gorgeous flaky goodness!

    I personally wasn't a fan of Malteaser when I first saw it, but it looks fantastic on your skintone!

  2. Finding and devouring a Malteaser bunny is now my #1 mandate in life. :o


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