Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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Lynnderella - Blue Rouge

I have a bunch of Lynnderella swatches that I haven't got around to post.  My Coming up Neon collection arrived in the mail yesterday, so I'm excited to wear some of those polishes in time for Easter.

Today's Lynnderella is Blue Rouge and it's from the Ground Hog Day collection. Blue Rouge contains assorted periwinkle and lilac glitter with pink shimmer. The glitter is quite dense with this, and you may be able to get it opaque on its own, but I chose to layer it over matching undies.  The perfect undie choice for me was Ozotic 744. The duochrome base of 744 shifts both pink and blue, so complimented all shades of glitter in this polish.

I get my Lynnderella polishes from Paul who runs the Lynnderella ebay store, then via a couple of lovely friends in the USA.  Paul's customer service is excellent.  Lynnderella polishes will be available in Europe from Norway Nails from early April. Now we just need an Aussie stockist so we don't have to mule our polishes through friends.


  1. Very pretty. I love your Lynnderella swatches. I find them so helpful when I'm ordering from them! :)

  2. What a good looking polish! I love your pictures, they're always perfect :)

  3. Wow, fantastic blog and great post! These nail polishes are so cute! I love all the other products you review too!
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