Monday, March 25, 2013

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Femme Fatale - Darkmoon Fortune, Fatal Attraction, Keeper of the Grove & Mana Ruby

Here are four gorgeous glitter polishes from Femme Fatale Cosmetics.

Darkmoon Fortune - this has a sheer burgundy jelly base, but I have layered it over black as it wouldn't build to opacity on it's own.  It contains chocolate and ruby hexes, blue and hot pink holo hexes, and fine iridescent glue glitter.

Fatal Attraction - my photos do no justice to densely packed holo glitters like this.  This has both deep magenta glitter and magenta holo glitters in a tinted burgundy jelly base. This builds to opacity easily on it's own.  This is two coats.with one layer of top coat.  I could have used another layer of top coat to get it glassy smooth.  This one is just stunning!

Keeper of the Grove - This is such a great mix of glitters if you are into this sort of colour. I love the name and the polish reminds me of scattered flowers and branches laying on the ground after pruning some bushes.  Its a bright lime green coloured jelly base packed full of holographic greens and golds, as well as teal and pink dots and soft pink hearts.  This is one two thin coats over China Glaze Cha cha cha. with top coat.

Mana Ruby - a bright raspberry coloured jelly with different sized iridescent blue glitters together with matte red hexes in various sizes.  I found the large matte hexes did sit up on my nail, mainly because they are very flat and not curling, and I have very curved nails.  They were not sharp at all, it's just they still showed edges beneath two coats of top coat.  The multitude of blue hexes within the raspberry base is just beautiful, they really do glow!

Femme Fatale polishes are available in Australia from the Femme Fatale website 

Selected shades are available for international customers from Shoppe Eclecticco (Singapore) and Harlow & Co. (Canada).

Polishes provided for review.


  1. Oh what gorgeous polishes those are! My favourites are Darkmoon Fortune and Keeper of the Grove! These two are very unique creations! Great swatches, all of them look great on you :) I do envy that you're able to sport red so well. I dare say, Mana Ruby has got some of the most sparkly glitters I've ever seen in a polish! Not to forget, that very suiting name! ♥

  2. Oh, I really wish I'd bought Mana Ruby now! Those iridescent glitters are beautiful.

  3. Mana Ruby is my favorite of these, but I just know that the large hex glitter would stick up on my curved nails, too. Fatal Attraction reminds me of Zoya Blaze.

  4. mana Ruby looks like a candy! I wanna taste it! hahaha pshychoooo...

    You are creating me an addiction to Femme Fatale shades! I really need at least 10 bottles now! :D

  5. Darkmoon Fortune is my favorite!


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