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OPI Matte Top Coat

OPI is releasing a Matte Top Coat this month, and I was lucky enough to get a bottle to try out and review for you all.  I have a comparison photo at the end of the post, but lets start with this look I created.

I painted my nails using OPI The Spy Who Love Me, let it dry then applied the new OPI Matte Top Coat.  The matte top coat applied very smoothly and evenly and it dried to a smooth matte finish quite quickly.  It still took a bit longer for the polish to harden up, especially as I wanted to create a tape mani and I didn't want it to pull the top coat or polish off.  

After waiting around an hour to ensure everything was totally dry I taped off chevron tips on all my nails.  I then applied nail foil glue, let it dry and applied bright red metallic nail foils.  Once the foil was stuck I quickly applied my top coat to the tips and peeled the sticky tape off.

I'm pretty excited because I think I may have discovered the perfect top coat for nail foils.  Every top coat I have ever trip has wrinkled the foil, but not this one. I can't tell you too much about it yet, because it's a product I was sent to test and it was actually created for a different purpose (which it works well for too).  What I can tell you is that it's something coming from Picture Polish and it will be available hopefully some time in April.  Stay tuned for more details on that!

The above photos were taken in the full sun, so you can really see how matte the finish is on the nail, and also how shiny the red foil is.  The below photos are in the shade.

Here is a comparison of the new OPI Matte top coat to other matte polishes in my collection.  Both Essie Matte about you and OPI Matte top coat are very flat and matte.  Essie may be slightly more flat, but only marginally. My bottle of Essie is past half empty and I often get white dots on my nails from the polish, infact you can see a few little white specks in this photo.  Both Nail Tek Foundation II base coat and the Rimmel matte top coat dry to a more satin finish rather than matte.

I really like the new OPI Matte Top coat, the finish is smooth and I've always loved the OPI pro wide brush for application.  I'm really glad that the finish on this is as good as the Essie and is a really flat matte finish rather than a satin finish. Nice job OPI.

Aussies can get OPI at selected beauty salons, spas, David Jones and now Myer stores nationally, $19.95 RRP incl.GST.  You can check for your nearest OPI stockists.

Polish provided for review.


  1. *drools* I can see that will be appearing on my wishlist!

  2. Thank you for the comparison swatches of the different matte topcoats; very ehlpful!

  3. "Como borboletas que seguem em direção à Luz, que cada um de nós saiba abandonar os antigos casulos e voe em direção ao brilho da vida que está começando agora." Bom dia!

  4. Nice combination and the comparison is very useful, I have the one from rimmel and I did not knew that is such a difference between brands

  5. Cool! When I run out of my bottle of essie, I'll try to OPI. I love what you did with the matte and foil. Very eye catching.

  6. That is a very nice manicure, and I am extremely curious about the top coat that doesn't wrinkle foils! It is so annoying when you have this really nice foil manicure that just wrinkles up when you add top coat. I will definitely get that one as soon as you are allowed to tell us what it is! :-)

  7. Hello I started my blog a little while, hope you can honor me with your visit. In it I write about Brazilian glazes. Hugs. Caroline

  8. Oh that's gorgeous! Want it too now haha

  9. Thanks for the comparison, it's really helpful. :)

  10. Thanks for the comparison!! I LOVE OPI polishes!! and especially find their brushes to be the best. I wanted an all-rounder matte top coat without buying individual opi matte colours, so after some research opted to get the essie matte about you top coat. Now I can add an OPI matte top coat to all my other pretty OPI bottles (I can be a little OCD that way) :)

  11. VERY excited to learn more about the special topcoat! This mani is gorgeous.

  12. I hope such a nice matte effect won't dissappear the next day.

  13. hey! i bought the OPI Matte Top Coat, when i applied it to my purple nails, it removed the color a little bit. can you tell me why could that happen?

    1. Interesting. I've no idea why the colour would remove, although I always apply a regular top coat over my colour first, and then put on a Matte Top Coat. Maybe that's why I've never experienced it.

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