Saturday, March 2, 2013

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Shimmer - Marilyn

Shimmer Marilyn is slightly different to the other Shimmer polishes in that it has a much richer tinted base allowing it to easily be worn on it's own rather than as a layering polish.  Marilyn is a dark burgundy jelly with red and crimson micro glitter.  I applied two coats of top coat to ensure the fine glitters were glassy smooth.

For this mani I paired Marilyn with two accent fingers that were painted with Bourjois Rose Lounge and then stamped and sponged with Kleancolor Metallic red.  The butterfly stamps were off BM307, I just stamped individual butterflies so I could choose the placement and have them a bit more spread out than the original stamp design.

Shimmer polishes are available from Cindy at the Shimmer Polishes site

Polish provided for review.


  1. Wow I love this shade of red, so vibrant!

  2. That`s so beautifull!
    The sponge whit the stamping... Love it.


  3. Pretty polishes, and what an amazing design. Very creative!!

  4. Ive seen this on instagram a few times the colour is super pretty :)

  5. pretty! love the stamping!

  6. So Pretty! I really like the sponging to the stamping!

  7. Waoooww I love it.
    Please follow me

  8. So stunning, I love what you did with the stamping - very creative!!

  9. Agreed, its like gradient stamping or something, regardless I love it.


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