Monday, March 4, 2013

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Lynnderella - Mon Petit Chou chou

Lynnderella - Mon Petit Chou Chou might just be the first Lynnderella polish that I'm not really loving.  It seems very pretty and delicate in the bottle, but I found that I either got not very many glitters out (like the three fingers on the right) or too many glitters out that stuck to each other (like the index finger).  

This was three coats of Mon Petit Chou Chou over three coats of OPI Don't touch my tutu, and the result was still quite transparent and rather thick.  Maybe it was just because of the layers that I wasn't feeling this.  Maybe I just wasn't in a pastel pink kind of mood (but then again, I'm never really in a pastel pink kind of mood).  Maybe it was the crappy end of summer weather with wind and rain which meant I couldn't appreciate the hidden shimmer.   Or maybe this polish just left it's mojo in the bottle that day! Looking at it makes me feel Meh!

There is some reflective curing in the lavender holo squares, but because of the layers of polish I hardly noticed them. The pretty flower glitter on the middle finger and the heart glitter on the index both stayed raised above the top coat, not with rough edges or anything, but not glassy smooth as I like it.

This last photo makes it look like the polish colour just blended into my skin colour too much. 

Don't think I'll be reaching for this again soon, there are to many other pretties to enjoy.


  1. Adorable (same word in french ^^) xoxo

  2. Have you tried it over a little darker colour to see if you like it a bit more? I think it's cute but don't fancy going through the trouble with it.

  3. I agree. This was the one from the Groundhog Day collection that I did not like at all. There are so many other Lynns that I love that I didn't bother purchasing this one. I'm not really loving it on you either. If you can't make it beautiful, then I def can't!

  4. This polish is super cute for spring :-)


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