Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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Ulta3 Dark Romance collection

I spotted the new Ulta3 Dark Romance collection at my local chemist on the weekend, and I couldn't help myself in picking up all six colours.  At $2 each you can't afford not to get these polishes.  As well as being uber cheap, they are also one the best Aussie brands for following our seasonal trends.

As a general rule, my photos are showing these polishes a little brighter than they are in real life, that is because I've taken all my photos in the full sun today and that makes them look more saturated.

Also a general rule about the formula, so I don't repeat myself.  All of these were well pigmented and provided full coverage with two coats.  I also think that the formula on these 'made in PRC' versions has certainly improved since they first changed the production of the polishes to China.  The brushes aren't as stiff and application is much smoother without the brush dragging marks into the polish..

Cherrylicious - a richly pigmented red red creme.Two coats with seche vite.

Chinchilly -a soft milk chocolate brown creme. It's a pretty brown, if you like browns, but it seems a bit out of place to me in this collection, I feel like it needs to be darker and richer, like dark chocolate not milk chocolate. Two coats with seche vite.

Get teal - one of my favourites from the collection and I've already wore it under a glitter earlier this week.  Leans a little more green than my photos show, but it's a gorgeous colour.Two coats with seche vite.

Lotsa fun - Another favourite, a gorgeous darkened regal purple creme. Two coats with seche vite.

Lucky Bamboo - a dark, nearly black looking forest green. Two coats with seche vite.

Rustic Red - this was a little sheerer than the others, and in these full sun photos you can see some transparency.  This one is also the only one to have a subtle shimmer. Two coats with seche vite.

Overall I like this collection very much, particular the Lucky Bamboo, Get Teal and Lotsa Fun.  I love how those these colours really feel like they belong together.

If you are looking to find some Ulta3 polishes near you, the Ulta3 facebook site has a stockist finder.  Of course this is purely for my Aussie readers tonight, cause Ulta3 is a cheap drugstore brand that doesn't ship internationally.  Sorry.


  1. These are so vibrant and pretty!

  2. These are lovely rich colours - I particularly like Lotsa Fun.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this! I will be on the lookout for these now :) they all look fabulous! Cheers

  4. I'm going to go looking for these on my lunch break. I must have Lotsa fun! Great swatches. :)

  5. Thanks for the swatches :) I just bought this collection today and swatched them, can't wait to see them in the sun, they're a lot darker than yours.

    Just a clarification though, your first swatch of 'Berrylicious', is this supposed to be 'Berrylicious?'

    1. Yes jaded - you're correct, it shuold be Cherrylicious! Thanks for the pickup!

  6. I think I'll be getting almost all of these - amazingly I don't think I have dupes in my collection. Although Chinchilly looks an awful lot like Cocoa Bean - do you know how they compare? (Although I'll probably know really soon anyway, I won't be able to keep my hands off these for long!)


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