Friday, March 15, 2013

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Pretty Serious - Blue Gums on Boxing Day and Party by the Pool

These pictures are old! I wore these in mid December and am only posting about them now.  These two shades are from the Pretty Serious Christmas without Snow Collection.

Blue Gums on Boxing Day - I remember having a private little giggle when reading some international reviews about this polish and their misunderstanding of the polish name.  I think read a comment about it maybe being reference to being so cold on boxing day that your lips turn blue and another about blue mouth guards that boxers wear.  Seriously funny!  Especially when a quick google search of 'blue gum' is going to tell you exactly what they are are - eucalyptus trees (or a quick check to the Pretty Serious Blog explains the inspiration precisely).  

Things like that really demonstrate to me that many people just write stuff online without switching their brains on first, at least I hope that is what it is.  Another example was a comment I read on someones instragram photo where this person asked if it was really Autumn now here in Australia, cause it was nearly Spring where she was!  Seriously had this lass not learned anything about the other side of the world?

Anywho, Blue Gums on Boxing Bay has a rich emerald green base with a bright blue shimmer. Two coats with Seche Vite top coat.

Party by the Pool - a sheer teal base which is really hard to photograph correctly, it kept leaning way too blue in the first lot of photos I took, these ones are closer to the polish colour. The polish is filled with tiny blue and green glitter flecks that sparkle through the sheer jelly base.  I used three coats for these pictures.

Aussies, don't forget to enter my Lust Have It / The Natural Source competition.  Only a couple of entries so far, so your changes of winning are excellent!!


  1. The misinformation about Australia bemuses and amuses me.

  2. Party by the Pool is beautiful! your swatches are always top notch and I really enjoy looking at them. Hahaha I'm from Canada, so needless to say we hear alot of misconceptions about us as well eH! lol

  3. Try living in Argentina and travel to the other side of the continent! I heard a story about someone in my office going there to meet her co-workers. They organized a charity collect and give to her a tremendous amount of clothes because they think we live in tribes or something like that! Hilarity ensues :P Also they asked if we had electricity... Helloooo! We work together, remember? hahaha
    Anyways, your swatches are awesome, I love Blue Gums, I have a fixation with "dragon green" polishes ^^

    1. Thanks for sharing your story, I love it. I guess every culture has some misconceptions about it, and some of them are very funny!

  4. Hehe those international reviews made me laugh as well! But everyone having ridiculous assumptions about us is part of the fun of being Australian :p

  5. The internet helps to break down misconceptions but what fun actually getting some ideas across. Thanks for sharing some of your experiences :)
    As for the polishes - lovely and great swatches as we've all come to expect from you!

  6. I love the green polish is so beutifull and the blue gums is a Color sophisticated

  7. I had to laugh at the intro to your post! I think there's just a lot of misinformation about Aus and a lot of people don't bother to google things when it doesn't concern their country. It is funny when you tweet about the weather and someone from the USA says "What are you talking about?!" D'uh!


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