Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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Burnt Ambition with advanced stamping

Last week I did a blue and white gradient mani with some advanced stamping on top.  I received lots of requests to a tutorial so I created another version of the mani and filmed it as I did it.

For my base I did a holo gradient using two new polishes, Colors by Llrowe Burnt Sugar and Blonde Ambition.  The brown stamping polish was actually a colour I mixed up using some of my Mundo de Unas polishes.  The MdU polishes mix perfectly, so in reality you really only need black, white and the three primary colours.  I made this brown shade by mixing red and green and then a tiny dot of black to darken it up.  I filled in the flowers using OPI Don't Pretzel by Buttons.

Here is my 15 second Instagram tutorial on how I did the advanced stamping flowers.  I used my new set of Messy Mansion Stamper heads which made the process so quick and easy.

Here are the individual swatches of the two polishes I used for the holo gradient.  This first one is Colors by Llarowe Blonde Ambition.  Its a stunning golden beige colour with a fantastically strong holo flame.  I saw this polish over at Fingers Polish Mania and I had to buy it.  Luckily for me there was a restock that next weekend and I managed to pick up my first Colors by Llarowe.  Based on these two polishes, I'm very happy and impressed with the polishes.  There is definitely an Aussie indie feel to them, and I suspect she sources her bottles and mani ingredients through the same Aussie distributor.

Color by Llarowe Burnt Sugar is a delicious chocolate brown holographic polish.  The holo flame isn't as strong as in Blonde Ambition, but it's still very visible.  This is a lovely rich shade of brown and it's the sort of brown polish that just makes you fall in love with browns.


  1. Beautiful gradient! Blonde Ambition went straight into my wishlist also :)
    You're so clever mixing MdU. That's something I wanted to try too!

  2. This gradient is gorgeous! Lol I never thought about mixing MdU polishes before but the formula would make it perfect for mixing since they don't dry very quickly like a lot of other stamping polishes. I will readily admit though I basically have the entire catalog of MdU polishes, but maybe I can try mixing to customize even more colors! Thanks for giving me such a great idea!

  3. That is absolutely gorgeous! I need to try stamping again. I was quite unsuccessful the couple of times I tried.

  4. This is such gorgeous stamping! I love the design :-D

  5. You make it look so easy! Beautiful manicure, as always.

  6. Ohh Lordy! I'm convincing myself not to purchase Blonde Ambition... but it is stunning and your swatch just confirmed it *-* I love your naill art so much as well! <3 Kisses***

  7. I just bought some MDUs and with your advice I only got primary colours as well as gold, silver , black and white. How long did it take for them to arrive?

    1. They look ages to ship (about a month0, but once they shipped they were here in about 2-3 weeks


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