Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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Amazeballz marble

Remember my Rainbow marble a few days ago, and how I was all braggy about the fact that I finally cracked the code to water marbling.  Here is another marble that I put together using my awesome custom Paws Polishes for water marbling.

This was a really simple water marble.  I started with a base of Lacquistry Amazeballz Your so extra fine, and then I did a water marble using clear and black polish.  I was dipping two fingers at once into the water, cause I just hate seeing a pattern wasted, but that also means its harder to line up each swirl perfectly.  I wish they were all lined up like my index finger.  Next time I should just do one finger per bullseye and that way I can line it up much better.  Anyway, I'm being a pick picky here, cause seriously - I love this!


  1. tell us more about what formula I need to use to also get watermarbling to work, please? I would really like to succeed but mostly I managed to only make a mess.

  2. Gorgeous marble! Love the colours :-)

  3. Wow, I'm so envious on your skills! <3

  4. Ha, I love that part - "hate to see the pattern wasted" -- I do too, and always end up regretting doing it anyway, hehe. This one still looks really great.

  5. I love love love this. You are killin' these water marbles! :)


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