Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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Nearly nekkid - but with pastel rainbow tips

Gosh, I haven't gone this close to being naked in a very long time! 

I had quite a long free edge (before I filed them down a bit) so I thought it would be nice to do some sort of design as a french tip.  I've never tried stamping the french tip on, even though I have so many stamping plates that have french tip designs.  In fact I've hardly seen anyone using those french tip stamp designs. Does anyone actually use those?

I started my mani with two coats of JOSS Oh So Natural base.  It has a slight tint to it, but is still a perfect nothing shade on me.  Once that was dry, I used french tip nail vinyls to mark off the tips.  Then I started painting vertical stripes using a fine nail art brush and a range of pastel rainbow colours.

The shades I used were Picture Polish Swagger, Wisteria and Candy, OPI I can't cope-a-cabana and Ulta3 mojito.  I then topped it off with a layer of INM Northern Lights gold holo glitter topcoat.  The top coat smeared some of the colours on my middle finger, giving it a slight blue/purple cast, but it's probably only something I would notice (and I really should stop pointing out the flaws in my manis to you all :))


  1. I love the rainbow tips!

  2. Lovely tip - what a funky french :-)

  3. This is so sweet!!! Make me think about giving a french manicure another chance.. :)

    Oh My!


  4. Nope never used a french tip either. But love yr rainbow French tips.


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