Friday, August 15, 2014

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Melody Rainbow Wraps from Born Pretty Store

I recently wore these cute nail wraps that I got from the Born Pretty Store.  The quality was really good and they wore verywell.  I've tried quite a few nails wraps from this brand, there was a pastel easter set and the cute Ms. Cat design.  

I really liked the cute combo of designs in this set and it made me wish I had 14 fingers so I could wear all of them.  The two designs I didn't use were the largest one and the second smallest one.

I really like that these nail wraps come with the width of the wrap printed on them, I find it really helpful know how much bigger one wrap is compared to another, and how much I will need to trim off the side of one if needed.

My only complaint about these is that the design was upside down for me.  I always look and photograph my nails looking at them with the cuticle edge at the top, and when I did that the rainbows were upside down.

I did an upside down pose too (I tired the Sarah from Chalkboard nails pose) but it felt all awkward and weird to me, but on the positive note, the rainbows were up the right way.


  1. These are the cutest! No need for awkward hand poses, you can just flip your regular shots upside down ;)

  2. These look so cute and like they are a lot fo fun :-)


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