Saturday, August 23, 2014

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Mosaic blobicure

I recently saw a fun looking manicure by @anya_sobko on Instagram. I've no idea what the technique is called, but after polling a few fellow nail ladies we thought something along the lines of the Mosaic blobicure.

The design is actually very quick and easy to create, but it does take a long while to dry.  To create the look, paint you nails in the base colour and let it dry.  Then, one nail at a time, paint a second thick coat, and while is is wet use a contrasting colour and place gentle drops of polish into the wet base in a mosaic pattern.  Because the base it wet, the polish drops will spread, but they will not run into each other, instead they leave a thin edge between each colour.

Once you have finished all nails, let then dry about 10 minutes before applying a quick dry top coat.  Then after that you will need to not doing anything with you hands for about 30 mins whilst the polish is still very wet.

The polishes I used here are Picture Polish Wisteria (original version) and Candy.


  1. This is a very cool look and the colors you used are so cute together!

  2. I love the effect of the smaller drops you used, making this manicure look almost giraffe like <- my favorite! This looks like a variation of the "drip & spread" technique which from my research was originally done with tutorial by Up Close & Polished (post linked below) - here's her youtube video - . I've done my own twist on this in the past too ( ). Again, I really love the finer drip version, beautiful!

  3. This is really pretty and I love the colour choices :-)

  4. This is such an interesting technique! I can think it must have taken forever to dry though!


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