Sunday, August 3, 2014

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Bright bubbles - sort of!

So, I tried my hand at creating those beautiful round bubbles using watered down acrylic paints.  This mani did not turn out in any way that I had imagined it, but in real life it actually looked very striking and bold.  Close up nail photos however doing nothing for it!

I tried to follow the bubble nail art tutorial by OhMyGoshPolish on Instagram.  Those 15 seconds was all I thought I needed! HA! *in a perfect Edna Krabappel voice*  Since creating this mani I discovered where I went wrong by watching her YouTube video on the same mani.  I didn't put a matte top coat down on my white base!  This meant that by circles of each bubble just kept sliding away and wouldn't actually stay as bubble. 

Oh well, lesson learned!  I definitely want to try this again with a matte top coat down, cause this effort looks more like a circular splatter mani. 


  1. It still looks fab! I saw that tut and immediately wanted to try it too....but I don't have the paints. I wonder if it will work with nail polish?

  2. Wow some pretty bubbles here! I like them and the colour combos :-)


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