Monday, August 11, 2014

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Ruffian gradient

I had plans to do nail art on this base, but after I had finished with the gradient and the ruffian, I just loved it too much to put anything over it.  Sometimes leaving nail art simple is the best.  I was inspired by similar ruffian and gradient designs by both @somailicious and @thenailtrail.

I used three colours for my gradient.  Picture Polish Bright White, Chillax and Marine.  For the ruffian edge I used Face of Australia Mystique.

Alos, don't you love it when your clothes just happen to match your nails.  I already had this mani on, and grabbed this warm and snuggly Oakley jacket and it was as though I had planned a matching mani.


  1. Gradients always work and I love the combo with the ruffian edge! Did you actually draw that on after you did the gradient?

    1. Yes, I used a fine brush to paint on the ruffian after I had finished the gradient.

  2. This looks so pretty! Such a cool way to wear a ruffian :)

  3. What a pretty style - I like it :-)

  4. this is lovely - I can't ruffian to save my life, but I love how it works here x


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