Monday, August 25, 2014

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Picture Polish Blog Fest 2014

So have you noticed that today is Picture Polish Blog/Insta Fest yet?  Of course you have, because at least 35 other bloggers have already posted their swatches and nail vinyls art.  

I'm excited to be part of the fourth annual Picture Polish blog fest.  I've been joining in with blogfest for all four years, so it's a bit of a laugh looking back at my previous years blog fest posts - especially that one from 2011.

First up this year I have a swatch of one of the new released shades.  This is Pandora, which is a re release of Ozotic 624. It's a gorgeous purple jelly with a scattered holo effect. Shown here is two coats with Seche Vite top coat.

Now for my blogfest nail art featuring the right angle nail vinyls.  For this mani I created a simple diagonal gradient using two more new Picture Polish shades. 

Grace, which is a very pale pastel pink with scattered holo, and a re release of Ozotic 607, although they are not identical polishes - I will try to sort out a comparison post of how the re released Ozotics as Picture Polishes compare.

The second colour here is Bette, which is a pastel blue with scattered holo.  This one is a re release of Ozotic 617, but to my eye it seems closer to 603. Again, I'll have to do a comparison of these new shades for you against the old Ozotics.

I originally planned to use the nail vinyls to put Bette over Grace, but both polishes are just a little to sheer to achieve that result.  They are both best shown at three coats, and I wasn't able to put three coats over the vinyl and make it look any good.  Therefore I ended up using white polish with the narrowest right angle vinyls.  The right angle pack comes with four widths of right angles, with 8 right angle pieces in each set.  You can see that I used a wider set on my thumb.

The only trouble I had was with trying to pick up the whole right angle piece and put it on the nail. Even with tweezers I had trouble keeping them together.  They worked perfectly on my middle finger, but on my ring finger they came apart, so I had to place each piece individually.  This meant the lines were a little less perfect on my ring finger.  Notice how perfectly even they are on my middle finger? That's because you just stick down the whole piece of the nail vinyl and then peel up every second line.  That's what makes the spacing so even.

I really like to optical illusion look to these right angle vinyls and I'm excited to use them again with some more opaque polishes.


  1. Oh you did a perfect, beautiful job, I love these new colours and as I came to love polish long after Ozotic was gone, I'm looking forward to seeing your comparison post. Was Ozotic, Picture Polish before they became Picture Polish? I hope that makes sense. I am always interested in the history of polish brands. Thank you for adding all these other lovely blogs to check out xoxo

  2. Pandora look amazing! Lovely photos :-D

  3. As piCture pOlish would say. WOWZA! I am so in love with the nail art you created!


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