Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Sugar Spun technique

Here is my first ever attempt at the Sugar Spun technique. I can't say that I'm a fan of this very much.  Maybe it's the choice of colours I did, but it really isn't doing anything for me.

The look I was going for was a gradient in five colours in the background, then sugar spun lines across my nail in the opposite colour direction.  

This was also really slow to do.  I first glopped some polish out onto a palette and then played around with it with my dotting tool to thicken it up and dry it out so that I could create the stringy effect.  

Then, as I was doing the sugar spun lines across my nails, I discovered that I hadn't got enough polish of each colour out, because as it thickens up it doesn't go as far, therefore I had to get more polish out and play with it to thicken it up all over again.  

So, it takes ages to just get the design on your nails and then you have to wait ages for it to dry.  I didn't use top coat, as I wanted to leave the textured finish.  I went to bed about 1 hour after finishing these, and I definitely got some sheet marks in some of the thicker lumps of polish.

Anyway, it as good to try this out, but I don't really see me doing this technique again.  How about anyone else out there, have you tried this technique and did you like the end results?


  1. Hi, i've been following you for a while - love your ulta3 swatch page - thought I'd comment for once! I actually love how the texture feels, but the drying time is annoying. I've done it twice, the second time I did much thinner stripes, which seems to help... I didn't make it all fancy, just a contrasting base and top colour combo.

  2. It really looks interesting and something a bit different! :-)

  3. Looks like a messy technique. Not to say the final result doesn't look good (it does), but I just can't see myself doing it.

  4. Kitties, we are always our own worst critics, it seems. I enjoy these nails, and even if they are not one of your own personal favorites, at least you tried something new and pushed your boundaries. That is how we grow and change!

  5. I think it looks pretty cool, but I am probably not going to try this technique. I'm not the most patient girl in the world :D

  6. I do my lines super thin and it doesn't take long to dry

  7. I tried it once on one nail but I'm way too impatient which already shows in me being to impatient to wait for the polish to thicken, so I guess that's not for me. I like the look but I really don't appreciate the texture.


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