Sunday, August 17, 2014

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M&Ms yumm yumm

At the moment I have all my stamping plates spread across various storage folders.  My Bundle Monster and Pueen plates are in a zippered holder from Bundle Monster. My MoYou plates are in a zippered makeup pouch.  My Messy Mansion and Emily de Molly plates are also in a zippered makeup pouch.  Then I have a few other larger plates, like DRK and FUN plates that are in a large folder.  My large folders were on top of my helmers, and over time, other crap had piled on top of them.  This meant I totally forgot I had these plates.

I recently cleaned up enough to pull out the plates and saw this M&M design on FUN 7 plate. I had tried using this plate for advanced stamping the very first time I attempted advanced stamping, and given that you never saw that mani, you can believe me that it was a complete fail!  Having done a bunch of advanced stamping now, I was feeling much more confident to attempt it again.

I still managed to smoosh the middle finger design as I put it on my finger, stretching out the blue M, but other than that I was really happy with how these came out.  I think I'll just pretend that blue one is a peanut M&M.

I used a whole bunch of Ulta3 polishes for this, cloud nine for the base and honolulu, blue heaven, sizzling red, chocolate cake, emerald intensity and mango mayhem for the M&Ms.  Black stamping polish is from Mundo de Unas.

I singled out the red and yellow M&Ms because of the two main M&M characters, I just wish that I had smooshed the yellow one out into the peanut shape.


  1. This is so cool, what a fantastic idea! Great work xxx

  2. Ohh, that looks adorable!

  3. I really like this! Must look ridiculous eye-catching (and therefore awesome) from a distance, too.

  4. Hehe now this is a tasty looking manicure ;-)

  5. This is amazing! We didn't even notice the smooshed blue M&M until you mentioned it - you can barely see it. E&J.xx

  6. I love this pattern myself. I need to lavish a bit more love on my FUN plates for sure!


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