Saturday, August 30, 2014

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Pink, purple and yellow water marble

Now that I've sorted out my issues with getting the nail polish to spread for a water marble, I've started to play around with the various patterns I've seen around the place.  I really like this pattern and it's so easy to draw in the water when you polish is behaving its self.

I wish there was some decent sunlight the day I wore this one, because the colours were so bright and vivid.  I have to say, I found it hard to limit myself to just three colours for this water marble, I really wanted to add more colours in, but then all I would create would be rainbow marbles and that would get a bit boring.


  1. This is another lovely watermarble! I do like this one too :-)

  2. Oh this is awesome! I have really gotten out of the habit of doing watermarbles but I really should restart they are so fun and when you get it right your feel super accomplished somehow lol ;P

  3. It's beautiful!
    How do you clean up the cuticles so perfectly? No matter how hard I try, the polish seems to WANT to stay on them :D

  4. Now you're just making me jealous! Another phenomenal one!!!


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