Saturday, August 13, 2011

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Ozotic 527

I mentioned this polish yesterday, when I commented about how spectacular these Ozotic holographic nail polishes are, except so far for one - and this is it.  Ozotic 527 is a very sheer pale pink.  

It is listed on the piCtute pOlish website with all the other Ozotic holographic polishes, but seriously, if you buy this thinking it will be anything like the other polishes in the 500 series you will be sorely disappointed.  And it's not just my bottle either, I had a comment from a lovely follower Kristine who thought her bottle might be a dud, but nope, they are all duds are far as I'm concerned.

Here is a macro to show just how little holographic pigment there is in this polish.

This was three coats, with a Seche Vite top coat.  

This polish might make a nice change to a regular sheer pink if you were doing a french polish, but that is about all I think I would use it for.  As far as calling this a holographic polish, it simply is not.   


  1. I like this as a palate cleanser, you know when you do not feel like wearing anything but you do not want to go with naked nails?

  2. You seem to have used the automotive pigments in polish more so than anyone else. May I reference you in a blog entry I am working on?

  3. Jossie - ohh yes, a palate clenser, I like it!!

    MK - of course link away!

  4. Thanks for swatching this, this is exactly what mine looks like! Jossie is right when she calls it a palate cleanser, something easy to apply, foolproof and understated. Unfortunately i am not into understatements, I like my nails to be "BAM! Hell yeah, check me out!!" :)


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