Thursday, August 25, 2011

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Chanel Peridot and Ozotic 507 comparison

Look what I finally got! And yes, I LOVE IT! 

OMG Chanel Peridot is just the most beautiful colour.  There are so many reviews and pictures out there of this polish, but here are mine.  As everyone else has said, the application of this polish was perfect. It was smooth and easy to apply.  I did two coats and there are still some slight streaks visible in these photos but they really aren't noticeable in real life, or if they are, I didn't care. 

I took all these photos in indirect light indoors, because I think you can see the duochrome effect  better without full sunshine on the nail.

Here is the start of the light green shift.

And at an even stronger angle to see the aqua green.

Now for the comparison pictures with Ozotic 507.  Both of these are two coats, although the Peridot is much more opaque than the Ozotic.  Chanel is on the index and ring fingers and Ozotic 507 is on the middle and pinky.

As you can see, Chanel is a much cooler toned gold than the Ozotic.  But the Ozotic is a little less streaky.  Chanel looks more foil like and the Ozotic more metallic shimmer.

The shift colour is identical, although you can still see that the underlying colour is slightly different.

Here is an up close shot, showing Ozotic 507 on the left and Chanel Peridot on the right.

I bought Graphite too, and it is gorgeous as well, but I think it might be frankenable, whereas this isn't.  I have already bought a backup of this too, and I generally dont' buy backups.

And for anyone still reading at the end of the post wondering if the colour changing powders have turned up, the answer is NOT YET! - God damn it, where are they already!


  1. They are so similar 0.0
    Great comparison

  2. Fantastic comparison. My god that Peridot looks gorgeous *tries to convince herself that 507 is good enough*

  3. Actually I prefer the ozotic one, but it's discontinued, isn't it? ç__ç
    Anyway I like this duochrome combination, so I bought a dupe of chanel, the sephora - diving in malaysia. I can't wait to try it! ;D

  4. ozotic is discontinued, peridot is so expensive, and limited edition...omg!So sad!

  5. Both are gorgeous~!
    I am so glad I managed to secure my Peridot in a swap.

  6. These are really similar-for once, I'm not a fan of this Chanel-I don't even know why! Just waiting for the denim blues to come out in september!

  7. I loooove Peridot. I was so worried it wouldn't suit my skin tone, but it looks fab. And applying it is so pleasant! The polish just goes right where I tell it to and looks fab. I also adore Graphite - same wonderful formula. Glad you got your paws on these fab polishes! (and thanks for the comparison)

  8. Such an awesome post! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Kristy - Thanks ♥

    rock-or-not - yes they are similar, but NEED both!

    Claire - Good luck with that, I tried to resist until I saw Kristy's comp, then I knew I needed the cooler toned Peridot.

    gnoma - my mum prefer the Ozoitc one too. I'll be watching your blog for your post on diving in malaysia.

    idrinknailpolish - Thank you

    Sarah B. - Thank you, you did great to get that in a swap.

    Fingers - for me it's the first time I've been excited by a Chanel polish. But I know a few other people that aren't keen on Peridot too.

    Theomanic - Yep, both Graphite and Peridot are amazing. In fact I think I'm about to do my post on Graphite now.

    imfeelingnail-venturous - Thanks!

  10. What a special color! I think I actualy like it


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