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Silver Holo Comparisions & Ozotic 509

With my most recent Ozotics purchased from piCture pOlish I finally got 509.  I had missed the Artform version and I was waiting for Essential Beauty to restock so I could get Chemistry 509. It was the only gap I had in my Ozotic/Artfom/Chemistry holographic collection!

509 is the Silver holo. Very sheer, but buildable.  This was three coats, no base, Seche Vite top coat.  These fine particle linear Ozotic holos are just so easy to apply, smooth, no dragging or bald patches, and you can happily apply a fast drying top coat and it wont dull the effect.

What else can make a holo better?  SUNSHINE.  For what is usually our coldest month, we have just experienced three of the most magnificent sunny day's with temps above 20 degrees.  I was actually hot outside yesterday! 

I thought I would take a indoor, no artificial light picture, to show the silvery white appearance of this polish.  But as soon as any light is on around this, it rainbows up.

Ok, now a silver holo comparison to end all comparisons.  I have to say, that on my little sticks, these don't look as holoy as they do on the nail.  I know some of them look great, but others look rather crapola, but for example, take a look at the fourth from the left, that is the same polish as above. So that just shows that the sticks only give an indication of colour and holoiness.  

I lined these up from left to right with small particle holos on the left and large particle or scattered holos on the right.

Now just to list these out for the search engines, from left to right:
Gosh Holographic, Nfu Oh 61, China Glaze OMG, Ozotic 509, Ozotic 514,Vintage Ozotic 509, Color Club Worth the Risque, China Glaze Sexagon, China Glaze Visit me in Prism, Milani HD and Stuf. glo glo.

Same line up, with no sun.  It was only when the sun went behind the cloud that I realised I had included two ring-ins which don't strictly belong with the silver holos.  Those two being Ozotic/Artform/Chemistry 514 (5th from left) which is actually a platinum gold, and China Glaze Visit me in Prism (4th from right) which has a mauve base.

Now some up close shots.

If anyone wants to see some comparisons on the nail, let me know.

Do you think I have enough silver holos?  It's obscene that one person should have this many, I know, but their mine I tell you. Mine. Mwahhaa haa haa haa.


  1. Great post! Which is your favourite???

  2. Don't make me choose, thats like picking a favourite child (or cat!) But top four - Nfu Oh 61, Ozotic 509, Ozotic 514 and Visit me in Prism

  3. Hooooly moley. So much holo, and yet I never get tired of it.

  4. Is there any such thing as too many silver holos? Really? :D

  5. Woo, great post!

    I just did a post yesterday on 509.

    Question- I also have 517, and the two are IDENTICAL. Are they meant to be identical? I bought 517 thinking its light green :(

  6. reeree, I was just checking your post. I have Chemistry and Artform 517, and yeah they are meant to be light green, but you make a good a good point. I probably should have included 517 in this comparison too. I think indoors, no light you would see a difference, otherwse that rainbow makes them look so similar - just like 514 looked silver until it was in the shade.

  7. Oooh - holo drooling goodness!!! Great comparison!

  8. Wow thanks for this, what an awesome post, now I need 514 XD

  9. oh wow! AMAZING! I only have 2 out of all of those! I love silver holo polishes! I want to see your whole stash of nail polishes haha

  10. Are all of these just straight painted onto the stick, or have to applied the special base to any of them? (Ex: Aqua base for Nfu-oh)

  11. Great post. I have no silver holo and now I want one even more!

  12. Great comparison!!! I looove your last paragraph. Haha
    There is never too many holo polishes. Hahaha

  13. Dollface - all the stick swatches are just straight onto the stick, no aqua base, but you make a good point. Only some of these require aqua base, like GOSH holo and Nfu Oh 61. The ozotic holos don't need the aqua base and most of the others are better with a topcoat sandwich.

  14. Ahhh I can't stop looking at this!!! I just bookmarked this post so I can come back and look again :)

  15. These pics make me soooo happy that I've worn ChG OMG over and over and over and soooo sad I only have 1/3-1/4 bottle leftover. Oh well, I'm on the hunt for GOSH :)

  16. This phrase is just the best description of my attitude to nail polishes:
    "It's obscene that one person should have this many, I know, but their mine I tell you. Mine. Mwahhaa haa haa haa." :))
    Thanks a lot for this very true phrase - and for the gorgeous photos, of course.

    Viktoria (nail polish addict from Russia).


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