Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Ozotic 526

Hello black linear holo!!  Today I have a swatch of Ozotic 526, but I also just got the new black scattered holo version, Ozotic 623.  After I swatch 623, I'll do a comparison swatch of the two black ozotics, my Glitter Gal black and my black spectraflair franken.  So please stay tuned for that. 

Now on to Ozotic 526.  This is your classic black with fine holographic particles.  I'm looking forward to doing my comparison swatch and particularly comparing this with Glitter Gal black.  I remember being underwhelmed by Glitter Gal black when I first put it on my nail because the holo effect was really poor.  Because of the dupy nature of a number of the Ozotic and Glitter Gal colours, I wasn't expecting much from this.  But I was so extremely happy to see a decent amount of linear holo on the nail.

I don't own the original MPJ (I have the brown version, which I actually quite like), but I think this would be a great substitute for anyone lemming original MPJ. 

Even with the indoor shot below, you can still see the holo particles, their not rainbowy, but they are there.

This actually looks amazing in the bottle, and when on the nail you don't quite get as much holo, but it is still pretty good.  This is very opaque, you could almost get away with one coat.  But I feel a bit naked with only one coat, so I did two.  In fact it is pretty amazing that a polish this opaque can still be this holo, usually you need a rather sheer jellyish polish to get a good holo effect.  I'm very tempted to use this as the black base when I need one for layering, such as under the ozotic multichromes.


  1. Always love a black linear holo! Looks fairly dupey to the holo version of Bloom Mena. Lovely swatches as always :)

  2. Looks amazing! Can't wait for the comparison post:)

  3. OMG, finally a black holo perfect!
    Can't wait for the comparison, specially to see your black spectraflair franken x)

  4. Quick! Where is my drool bucket?! :D This is super gorgeous!!! <3

  5. This is life!!
    I love this color!

  6. Gorgeousness !!!
    I wish Picture Polish had all the Ozotics you show us!! But again, I'd go broke if they had them all :P

  7. Wow, this is black holo perfection! =D
    And I should stop reading your blog, because I have so many new lemmings now! XD Just kidding, I love your posts! =))


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