Thursday, August 4, 2011

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Ozotic 524

Back to my Ozotic swatches today with one of the more interesting colours in the range.   Now when I say interesting, I mean it's weird. Ozotic 524 is a brown frost polish with fine holographic particles.  There doesn't seem to be enough holo particles in this to classify it as a linear holo, and the holo looks much stronger in the bottle than on the nail.

It's such an odd combination, Mr Frosty McFrostyworthy and Miss Fairy Flutterpants had a love child called Ozotic 524.

This is what it looks like most of the time indoors.  I actually rather like the colour.  It's neutral and calm and office appropriate.  So unlike the other loud and in your face Ozotic Pro holographic polishes.

I had a super duper break on my right index finger today, one where it comes off below the nail bed and you end up with a thin squishy bit of nail at the tip. At least my left photo hand is still good.


  1. Anything & everything seems to look good on you! 524 wasn't for me

    Breaks suck :-(

  2. Ooh - interesting. I need a good neutral *ponders this*

    I broke my right hand today too :( Must be the day for it :(

  3. My wallet isn't looking too happy to see yet another Ozotic swatch from you, lol. But I have to agree, this one's a bit weird, but it has something :)

  4. I actually really like neutral holos like this & spin me round & FYI. Thanks for posting this!

  5. Classy neutrals definitely have their place with me. Ouchies on the nail Kitties and Claire I sure hope it was your nail and not your hand!! Been there and actually done that.

  6. rock=or-not, it sure is!

    Kristy, Claire and Catkin - Ouchies indeed, I discovered when I removed my polish that not only did I snap the index nail clean off, but my middle and ring finger had massive cracks too, so my whole right hand is nubbin city. It feels weird.

    Reece - I love neutral holos too, FYI and spin me round and some of the DS ones too. I think I need to pull them out a do some comparison pics.

    Bregje - Sorry for your wallet ;) and I have more coming too!


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