Sunday, August 28, 2011

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Latest update for colour morphing powders and spectraflair

The bottom line is the colour changing powders still have not arrived. 

I suspect that they might be caught up at Customs. 

Because I had to order so much ($1300+ worth of powder), and the $$ amount would have been written on the customs declaration, the the parcel has probably been diverted to Australian Customs. 

I now have to wait for Customs to send me a letter telling me how much extra money I have to pay to get the powders released (customs duty of 5% and GST of 10% - DOH!).  Once I pay that, they will release the package to me. 

You only have to pay duty if the product is valued at over $1000 and it never occured to me when I placed my order that I would have to pay Customs duty and GST because of the amount I ordered.  If I had ordered two seperate amounts a few weeks apart, both orders would probably have come through ok.

Oh well. Lesson learned. Profit margin slashed!

At least the wait and the anticipation will make it that much more exciting for everyone when it does arrive and you can all start frankening.  Also, except for the 13 lucky ladies that got my original batch, no one else has received it yet, so you will all get it at roughly the same time now.

I also believe the same thing will happen (or has already happened) with the Spectraflair. 


  1. Oh no! That's a shame if they stuck in customs, hope your profit covers the duty if they are :(

  2. Not good to hear if they are stuck in customs! At least they are on their way! You'll be busy busy busy when it arrives though hehe! How do we go about buying some spectra flair from you? or are we not up to that part yet?

  3. Thanks for the update! That sucks, though!!

  4. I've waited this long, I can definitely wait a little longer!

  5. Thank you all for waiting! Yep it sure is a PITA, but that's what I've gotta do to get the powders now, unless I decide to do a runner with the cash ;)

  6. Thanks for letting us know, I don't mind waiting - I just hope you don't have to pay too much in GST! What a pain for you :(

  7. thank you for letting us know. maybe just maybe its duty and gst on the part above $1000 fingers crossed!

  8. Thanks for keeping us updated, all good things come to those who wait!!!

  9. Thank you for the update! Still cant wait :)

  10. Many thanks for this update from me too!

  11. Cathy!
    thanks so much for the update!


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