Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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Chemistry 525

Have you ever bought a polish totally sight unseen?  I did with this polish.  I purely bought it cause it's number was in the 500 series, which meant it should be another linear holographic in the whole Ozotic/Chemistry range.  I had no idea what colour it was, I just picked the number and went with it.  Actually I did this with a few of my Chemistry polishes because the colour chart was terrible.

Chemistry 525 is a very pale frosty pink with some holographic particles.  Eeeeewwwh, I hear some of you say, I hate frosty polishes, there so 1980's.  You know what?  I actually don't hate this like I thought I would when I saw the bottle.  It's so pale, it's almost white and it has a nice pearlesent appearance, particularly indoors.

Here I managed to capture the very sparse holo particles.  See they are there!

What this polish looks like most of the time.

Sure, this polish is a bit of a let down, especially when compared to the other holographics, but it's still nice, and I think it's much nicer that 527 which I will show you very soon.


  1. So elegant. Love the close up photo! It really shows off the polish!

  2. Such a nice neutral polish but since seeing your excitement here with the "magic" powder .... I'm thinking I'd be wanting to do a little experimenting :)


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