Monday, August 29, 2011

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Ozotic 609

I only have two polishes left that I swatched before I had a break on my ring finger.  So enjoy my longer nails why they are here. I haven't nubbinised all fingers yet, but I think I will have to cause they look strange.

Today I'm finally getting around to showing you Ozotic 609, silver scattered holo goodness.

I did include this in my silver holo comparison a week or two back.  In that comparison 609 didn't look very holo. I don't know if that is because it was on the perspex stick and not a nail, but as you can see, on the nail it still looks fantastic.

This was three coats, and there is still some visible nail line, especially in the indoor photo, but when viewed under any stronger light source the rainbow reflections are strong enough not to see the nail line in real life.  For some reason my ring finger looks a lot sheerer than the other fingers.  I wonder if I forgot to put the third coat on that nail?

Here is the indoor shot, actually I think it was an outside shot but in the shade.

My favourite sparkle angle.

I love the irregular shaped holo pieces.

On the swatch sticks this looks very similar to Milani HD, I will do a side my side nail comparison of that for you, because Milani HD is cheap and easy to get, and if it's a dupe then that is perfect for everyone (cause these Ozotics are hard to come by)


  1. So pretty! Would love to see the HD comp!!! It's a very sad life with no Ozotics =)

  2. Very pretty! Sorry about your breakage!

  3. Gorgeous! have to nubbinize here soon too - have been baby-ing my index finger with teabag repairs for a couple of weeks now :-(

  4. Also reminds me of a Nubar polish-the name escapes me-starlight something or China glaze Fairy Dust

  5. I'm going to go put this on. Thanks!

  6. Is this one good to layer over solid colors to make them holo?

  7. Nikki - I think the holo particles in 609 would be too big to make a good holo top coat. Ozotic 509 would probably be better


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