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Ozotic 623 and black holo comparisons

Firstly, what was I thinking here with my nail length.  I had a break on my ring finger and god knows why I didn't file all my other nails down to match the length.  After looking at these photos, I promptly did just that, but for this post you have to put up with unevenness - Argh it's horrible, look away if you need to.

Today I have the new scattered large particle black holo, #623. Blaarrgghh.  What a big fat disappointment this polish is for me.  I was expecting so much.  So many of the 600 series polishes are so holoie and sparkly I was expecting this to be right up there.  Especially considering that the Ozotic linear black holo is so great!

Above picture is in full sun!! So disappointing! Below is taken indoors. This polish just looks speckled, like I've been painting the ceiling with a roller and I have paint splatter on my nails (seriously I've done this and it looks just like the indoor photo)

Even the sparkly angle shot doesn't pick up much holo. 

So now, how does it compare to the other black holos?

Full sun shot from left to right:
Index Ozotic 623, middle Ozotic 526, Ring Glitter Gal black, Pinky Spectraflair franken.

Tilted angle to see the holo effect better.

I'll tell you about the main differences (or similarities) with all the polishes. Finish, colour, opacity and holoiness.

Finish - the new Ozotic 623 has the least shiny finish and is almost a little rough, not glitter rough, but certainly not baby butt smooth either.  The one with the glossiest finish was Glitter Gal.  All these pics were no top coat so you can see the actual polish finish.

Colour - The Glitter Gal polish was definitely the blackest. The new Ozotic 623 was next, then Ozotic 526 and my franken.  My franken is actually rather grey looking, probably because I added way too much spectraflair.  That franken was also made with the standard grade 1500-20, which to me makes polishes grayer than the course particle 1500-35 spectraflair.

Opacity - they are all really opaque.  You can almost get away with one coat for each of them.

Holoiness - My franken was easily the holoiest, followed by Ozotic 526.  It's hard to compare the scattered holo of 623 in with the others though, it really makes it look not holo at all.  I must say that my picture here of Glitter Gal black is way better than my original swatch, it actually looks more holo now, so I'm not as disappointed with it as I once was.

My pick - Probably my franken, cause it was so cheap and quick to make.  But from the commercial polishes, definitely Ozotic 526.


  1. That spectraflair franken is amazing!

  2. I'm drooling over Ozotic 526 and your franken is awesome! I love holo polishes.

  3. I agree with the ladies. Your franken is perfect and I need Ozotic 526!

    Thanks a bunch for the swatches!


  4. Loving all the Ozotic swatches. Thanks! 526 is next on my list.

  5. Your franken is my favorite! *drooooooools* So gorgeous! :D

  6. They're all gorgeous but yours is the best!!

  7. Ozotic 526 and your franken are so similar! Glitter Gal's seems to be the blackest one though!
    Not sure which I like the most ! :P

  8. Nice job on that franken! I'd agree that yours is best!

  9. I love holographics!! Gorgeous polish :)

  10. LOOOOOOOOVED your franken!!
    That 623 looks EXACTLY like Eyeko's Cosmic polish.


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