Monday, August 8, 2011

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Ozotic 515

Hi followers, you've grown so big, where did you all come from?

I discovered today that piCture pOlish have stopped giving the Ozotic polishes additional names.  They used to list other names for all their multichromes and holographics. Examples were:
511 = Reddish
516 = Jive
518 = Flame
503 = Rainforest
502 = Sands
And then there were the dreadful Twilight (504) and Eclipse (505) names - come on, something original please.  Where did these names come from?  But the good thing is they are back to just using the regular numbers.  I usually don't like polishes referred to by numbers, but I like it for these polishes because then I can easily identify the duplicates in the Chemistry or Artform polishes.

With that said, here is beautiful number 515.  A medium aqua toned blue, small particle linear holographic.

Picture Polish only recently restocked this one, and just in time too.  I was going to grab the Chemistry version as soon as they restocked, but because the Ozotic version was in stock first, I grabbed it..  I do still have some of my Artform bottle left (swatched here), but my mum and I both love this polish and wear it quite often, so a back up is definitely warranted. 

The above photo was taken indoors, with no artificial light, just a bit of light from the window, and you can still see the rainbow there on the nail.

This was three coats, no base, topped with Seche Vite.  

Both this, and it's large particle twin (617) are a very beautiful pair of polishes.


  1. Beautiful, I have this one in the old old EB brand (square bottle)

  2. Due to my own silliness I inadvertently ended up with both the Artform & Chemistry versions of this one, but I'm thinking now that is a good's so awesome!

  3. So pretty. Can't believe I haven't got any of the Ozotics yet.

  4. whoa! would you be able to swatch 512 as well, to see how they compare? since they're both blue holos...

  5. I love it, just love blue polish and holo <3

  6. nossa que lindo esse esmalte !!! que linda suas unhas.

  7. I have a swatch request for you, if you are able and willing :) Would you please swatch Chemistry 523, if you have it. I'm curious to know if ozotic has a similar color or if 523 is just exclusive to the Chemistry line. Thank you!

  8. Hi, I bought the Ozotic 527 from Picture Polish, it is listed as a holographic but it was definitely not, just a sheer baby pink. Did I get a dud? I am hoping your swatch will tell me!

  9. Bernice - 512 swatched for you.

    Watercoloursun - I don't have 523 (yet) but I have some dear blogger friends on the hunt for me at the Chemistry Warehouse in Adelaide (as soon as they restock) As far as I know it is exclusive to the Chemistry line. Check and they both have done swatches.

    Kristine - Yeah, my bottle of 527 is baby pink, with an absolute minuscule amount of holo in it. I haven't even swatched it yet cause it was so disappointing - But I will. It's not just yours.

  10. Thanks so much re: 527, I gave mine to my mum, she likes boring colours lol.

    By the way, until I found your blog I had no idea that holo polishes existed! I have an old - and still awesome - bottle of OPI DS Divine, but I thought it was just a one-off awesome colour. I had no idea there were other holos out there! So thank you for making my nails awesome and sending me broke :P

  11. Can't think of another word to describe holos except "awesome" - you may have noticed, lol


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