Friday, August 19, 2011

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Ozotic 516

Oh my, where did the last two days go?  Sorry, life seemed to take over for two days and I ran out of time to squeeze a blog post in.

And speaking of not having time... I can't believe I return to work in three weeks time!! I have been off on  maternity leave all this year and have become quite accustomed to my lazy mornings and playing with nail polish while little missy sleeps and Mr 3 is off playing somewhere in the house. 

But I'm confidient that my blog wont get neglected - that's what lunch time is for, right? Why else would they give us internet access at work? Seriously does anyone else update their blog while at work??

Anyway, onto today's pretties.  This is Ozotic 516, which is a medium bright pink with a strong fine particle linear holo finish.

Another outstanding holo.

I truely believe that because of their colour range, Ozotic/Chemistry (possibly Glitter Gal as it may also be another private label manufactured by Lumineye) are the best holographic nail polishes in the world!!  Sure, Nfu Oh's six holos are amazing and the holo effect is better than these, but they are only pastel colours and there are only six of them.  Maybe I'm biased caused these are Aussie and Aussie made is always the best ;)

Indoor below, you can still see that slight holo shimmer.

I never get sick of looking at these holos.  Don't you think it is amazing that we can have such amazing finishes and polishes on our nails.

Happy Friday everyone.


  1. It reminds me a bit Nfu Oh #63! Stunning polish, anyway!
    As I always say, Ozotic nail polishes are on my wishlist but the Italian Customs is a sort of Bermuda Triangle where packages are too often "lost" and I don't think I will buy them soon. :(
    (Ozotic: please, open a on line store in Europe. Please!!!)

  2. Gah! It looks so freaking great on you! It looks like caca on me :( Booo shitty skintone!

  3. You kill me with Ozotics! All gorgeous, but out of my expense right now!!

  4. Wow, another beauty!...
    These Ozotics are really gorgeous, and they look so good on you! =)

  5. I have been seeing this polish a lot lately, but I am okay with that because it LOOKS AWESOME! Your photos really show it off!


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