Friday, August 5, 2011

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Ozotic 507

I have already done a post on my old vintage Ozotic 507, but I've had that polish for about 11 years and there is less than half left.  So when piCture pOlish relisted 507 for sale (for about a nano second before it was sold out) I scooped up another one.

Ozotic 507 is often murmured as being a Chanel Peridot dupe, but as can be seen on Kristy's awesome comparison of the Chemistry version of 507, they are not identical.  I still really want Peridot, but haven't splurged on ebay prices (yet), and can't justify the $39 Australian retail price either (especially when our dollar is stronger than the US, yet it sells there for $25)

I also took an indoor photo of this one to show what it looks like most of the time.

This was two coats 507 over one coat of black and Seche Vite top coat.

I'd be interested to know how many bottles PP actually had of this, given it sold out so quickly.  Did anyone else out there get it?


  1. pretty color, it looks great on you! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Nooooooooooo I missed it!! It was there when I first looked at the Multichromatics, then when I went back after looking at Holographics it was GONE.

    Such a pretty polish. I'm very sad I missed it :(

  3. I got one! LOL Picture Polish mentioned me in their newsletter for being the first! I picked it up from the PO today along with 509, 517 & PP Jealousy.

    It looks amazing on you, so glad I was lucky enough to get it!

  4. That is smokin' on you!!! your indoor pic is droolworthy

  5. OMG this polish is gorgeous!! It makes Chanel's peridot look like the homely sister!

  6. I live in the US - if you ever want a US polish I would LOOVE to swap :) You Australians have the BEST polish!


  7. pp mentioned that they only had 30! :/

  8. Kelly - thank you, it is a beautiful colour.

    reeree - so sorry you missed it, but it was only in stock for a day or two. I reckon they must have only had about 50 bottles.

    Kaz - I saw that newsletter and that was YOU! I also got 509 (wearing it today). I'm looking forward to your amazing bottle pics and swatches.

    Kristy - thank you, except that indoors you can see the cat hair on my middle finger!

    This is the polish I was wearing when the big snap happened!

  9. Sorry Ladies, you must have posted while I was typing.

    déjà vu - Nice isn't it, but I still need peridot.

    I ♥ Lacquer - I might just take you up on that - As long as I don't get busted by the Postage Police.

    ourlastdivide - Only 30 WOW, glad I got in quick.

  10. They've sold out?? Nooooooooooooo :( Looks gorgeous though *makes do with Chemistry 507*

  11. Umm, I have to chime in and say I do love this more than the swatches of Peridot, your photos of 507 are much more stunning! *swoon*

  12. I missed it, but I got myself Peridot for my birthday, so I'm not feeling as deprived as I might otherwise.

    It was OOS really fast, I did manage to get some of the others though,

  13. Wow amazing really want some Ozotics someday ;)

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