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Guess That Polish Giveaway

As promised yesterday, here is my three year blogiversary giveaway.  Having a regular rafflecopter giveaway is just not my style, I like to make it much harder, but more fun to enter. 

This competition requires polish knowledge and will favour those that have been longtime followers of my blog - simply because they would have seen all of these polishes on my nails in some way, shape or form.

Below are twenty different swatches from twenty different brands.  No brand is represented twice.  I have not included any hand-made indie brands, but there are some lab made smaller or niche brands.  I did consider giving you a list of the brands, but I though that would make it way to easy for you.  I've put a few easy ones in there that you should all get, but there are also some trickier ones.  There are some polishes that have known dupes, so the tricky part is knowing which version I have.

At the bottom of the page is a simple Google Docs form where you are to provide your name and email then list off the polish brand and polish name for each of the twenty shades.

Prize Pool

Six JOSS holographics - Alternate Dimension, Caribbean Holiday, Sudden Impulse, Diamond Flash, Flamingo Dancer & Tantastic Glow. Generously provided by Beauty World

Six Contrary polish shades - Play Me, The Way I Am, Better Together, Desert Fruit, Santorini & Bright Night. Generously provided by Contrary Polish and Llarowe.

Six Picture Polish Collaboration shades - Mallard, Paradise, Focus, Atomic and Majesty - Generously provided by Picture Polish and Kryptonite provided by me.

Cash prize of $50 AUD - provided by me.

Six original Model Own Beetlejuice collection polishes - Emerald Black, Purple Blue,Golden Green, Pinky Brown, Aqua Violet& Base/Top coat

Total prize pool value: $278

Time to start guessing...

Polish #1

Polish #2

Polish #3

Polish #4

Polish #5

Polish #6

Polish #7

Polish #8

Polish #9

Polish #10

Polish #11

Polish #12

Polish #13

Polish #14

Polish #15

Polish #16

Polish #17

Polish #18

Polish #19

Polish #20

I recommend that you write down all your answers on a piece of paper first, then come and enter them into the google doc form below.  That is much easier than trying to scroll up and down as you  go.

The boring but important part.

This giveaway is run by More Nail Polish. Entry is open Internationally. Competition begins March 23 2013 and ends April 14 2013 at midnight.  Entrants must provide their name and email address on the google docs form.  Each person may only enter once. Duplicate entries from the same email address will be deleted.

Any users posting comments on this blog post identifying polishes by brand or name will be deleted and disqualified from entering.

The entrant who correctly identifies the most polishes by brand and name will be the winner.  The highest possible score is 40/40 - one point for each brand and name for all twenty swatches  Up to four winners may be selected if they all share an equal score.  If more than four entrants have the same highest score, then four winners will be selected at random from those top scoring entrants.   The prize pool will be split as I see fit to accommodate the potential number of winners.

One additional winner will be drawn at random from all entrants who get more than 10/40 correct answers.

Following More Nail Polish is not a requirement, although I do pretty awesome fun things here so you might want to stick around.

Winner/s will be notified via email by April 20 2013. Prizes must be claimed by responding within three days of the email being sent. Prizes will be forfeited if it is not claimed within three days.


  1. I am going to try but this is hard!! :D haha

  2. Oh, my goodness! You have a dozen silver holos, and while I can eliminate a few based on type of holo or holo strength, there's still those that are so similar I can't tell them apart.

  3. holy crap, this is so hard!

  4. Ha, ha ..... I'm glad I'm not the only one who is finding this hard, not to mention tricky. Great idea though to run a giveaway in this format!

  5. Ok Peoples - just a few other points which may assist - cause lots of you are saying it's really hard.

    . There are no frankens, all are brands that can be purchased.
    . All polishes are shown on their own, not layered over anything.
    . #6 is gray rather than silver.
    . Not all polishes have been shown as full swatches on my blog in the past, specifically, these ones have only been shown:
    - #4 as undies for glitter
    - #9 beneath stamping
    - #13 only a bottle shot shown
    - #14 only in a comparison
    - #15 swatched in different lighting, so it looks quite different
    - #16 only in nail art and as undies for glitter

    I've also decided to add an additional prize to the pool and give a prize drawn at random to anyone who enters and gets more than 10/40 answers correct.

    1. Has 15 been shown with nail art or just on its own?

    2. Excellent question - but if answer this it totally gives it away - I'm keeping this a secret because it's one of the polishes that is separating scores on ALOT of ladies.

    3. Huh, now I think I answered this one wrong! And then it also led to another wrong answer)

  6. and a more things that I forgot:

    Ozotic/Artform/Chemistry will all be scored correct if you use one instead of the other - this brand and it's dupe brands is only represented once.

    No brand is represented more than once.

    If you want to submit your entry again after the above info, I will accept an updated entry as I can see the timestamp of your original entry.

    1. this means that ozotic is represented once, and there's also another number that represents its dupe brand?

    2. No, it means Ozotic is represented only once, but if you entered it on the form as Artform or Chemistry then I'll still mark it correct.

  7. Oh how fun! I am kind of a newbie here, only been here a few months, but already I was like, oh oh I know THAT one! Well on a couple anyway. This sounds like fun though and I am going to be hitting those archives!

  8. This is fun :) thanks for the extra clues... I think I have a pretty good idea of 14 of them now... bit more hunting to do!

  9. Yes, this will be quite difficult... but SO MUCH FUN. This giveaway is so creative :D I love a challenge and this will be a great test to my polish knowledge *crosses fingers*


  10. whoo~ took me awhile - but it was fun although traumatizing. Haha! Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  11. Oh my god this is SO hard. I feel like I could do it, but honestly I just don't have the time...haha. Back to homework! :P

  12. Just got some undies to go!

  13. Entered, I fell across a few of them/ Some have some horribly similar friends! If it were not for the one per company I would have been stuffed.

  14. Almost done...stumped on 8 and 17. Very ashamed about this as a holo-holic!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Stuck on 8, 16 and 17... aaaagh

    1. Still stuck on 8 and 17, lol. This is hard! I keep thinking they're from a brand I've already used.

    2. I felt REALLY silly when I figured out what I think is the answer to #8! If I'm wrong, I don't need to feel silly anymore, hehe.

  16. This is fun! I'm working on my list but I'm stuck on 4. and 20. and tossing up between a few for the holos! I think I recognise 20 though so I will be looking through my swatch sticks when I get home. :)

  17. I have over 300 polishes and I love guessing games but I can't recall one name of any of them. Way too hard. Im out, great contest though!

  18. Phew! After around 2 hours searching up your blog, plus a couple of Google swatches, I've finished! Hope I got them right though I'm a little unsure of 6 and 15.

  19. OH NO! I hit the Enter key instead of the Tab key and it submitted my form before I finished filling it out. The second one is complete. Please delete the first one instead of the second one. Will you tell us how we did?

    Thanks this was awesome :D

  20. Hahahaha you made this so hard that I have to give it a try!!!
    Well done with the detail of the empty bottle! You evil... hahahaha

  21. Remember in school, when in an exam the answer was sooooo easy that you started to feel suspicious? I'm feeling it right now with one of the polishes xD

  22. 12 and 20 gave me trouble! Torn between two options for each of them.
    It was a fun giveaway though! So much more interesting that a rafflecopter and it got me looking at so many of your old posts.

  23. I accidentally hit enter while I was halfway through the form so please disregard my first submission. :)

  24. Gaah! I have 2 that I'm really flummoxed on, and another couple that I thought I knew and then, with the one-per-brand rule, I chose another one from the same brand that worked better for a different polish number so then I had to start thinking all over again for the first one from those brands. And some of the alternatives that look good then call into question ones that I was sure about but are from the same brand as the new alternative. And how can I have 1 brand that looks best for THREE of the polishes? Banging my head & having fun all at the same time! Woo! Diabolical you are, missy! :D

  25. Woo, what a fun giveaway! :D My internet was cut just when I hit the submit button so I'm not sure if it sent. I submitted a second time so please disregard an entry if there was a double post!

  26. Done! i reckon i have maybe 18 of the 20 polishes and names correct but a few i was really stuck on. plus i should have read these comments first :p

  27. GAH I have no idea, but I want them all lol

  28. I pressed enter before I was done entering the names! Can I email you my list because It wont let me go back to enter my last 5????

  29. Hi, I entered twice because I accidentaly pressed enter before I had finished. please use my second entry that has all of the polish guesses. Thanks xoxox Lisa L

  30. Arrrr, #8 is absolutely deceiving me right now! No black base? haha poop

  31. 1) you have a new follower
    2) this is challenging. I'm trying it
    3) putting pressed flowers on your nails is the best idea i've seen on the internet in weeks :-)

  32. I just pressed enter instead of tab, so please disregard my first entry!


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