Friday, March 28, 2014

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aEngland gradient with stamping and glitter

I'm starting to run a bit low on my draft manis that are edited and ready to post. I think I'm down to only three of four.  I hate having that feeling that I'm falling behind and I need to catch up. I usually like to have at about 14 days worth of available manis to select from.  

I think I have a bunch of manis photographed on my camera that I haven't yet downloaded and edited, but the truth is that I've been to busy playing a new game on my ipad in my spare time over the last few days that I haven't been bothered to edit anything.  I've been playing Plague.  Has anyone else played it.  It's a simulation strategy game where the purpose is to develop and mutate some sort of global plague, be it a bacterial one, a virus, fungal etc, with the purpose of infecting the whole planet and then wiping out the entire human race.  It's like the reverse of real life where you want to work to stop a plague, so instead you're on the plagues side trying to kill everyone. 

So I've dragged myself away from my current plague for the moment to share a recent mani I created using some of the aEngland polishes.  I think I used Tristam, Dancing with Nureyev and Fonteyn.  I don't recall right now which plate I used to stamp with, but I use Essie No Place Like Chrome for the silver.  On my ring finger I applied a layer of Shimmer Alice.

All rightly then, I'm off again to wipe out humanity on my ipad.


  1. Gorgeous mani

  2. Haha yeah, I don't play it myself, but my boyfriend has been playing non-stop ;)
    Lovely manicure, glad you found the time to share it with us!

  3. lovely! and i know about the backlog...i always try to keep at least 5 manis ready to go and if it falls below 5 i freak out a little!

  4. Love this combination and good luck with the Plague!

  5. Ooo, that's pretty. That game sounds interesting, I might take a closer look at it :D

  6. This is so pretty! If you remember the plate, let me know! I've played Plague a few times but I'm just so bad at it. Only wiped out the world once in the beginner mode. Can't seem to do too great in the real mode! Hope you've been having better luck. Guess I'm just not a great strategist!

  7. Gorgeous mani-- and re: the plague-- you know be careful what you wish for!

  8. When I started my blog last year I had to stop playing Scrabble on facebook. It is trouble because while you are waiting for the other person to take their turn, you get impatient and start another game. Then they take too long, and you start another game, and so on. Trouble with a capital "T". Then last week for some reason I got sucked back in. Somebody save me!

  9. This is a beautiful mani! I would love to have my nails look like that. Re: that game. Played them way back when but not now. I remember, tho, how they suck you in and make going back to real time a bummer. :D


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