Monday, March 31, 2014

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Jewels made by Jess - Femme Fatale Fatal attraction earrings

Tonight, and over the next three nights, I have four manis to share with you inspired by some nail polish jewellery kindly provided to my by Jewels made by Jess.  I was so thrilled be able able to select a few jewellery items from Jess's store and then pick which polishes I would like to have set as the 'jewels'.  I chose jewellery pieces and polishes that I knew I could match up with some of my work outfits, because I love going matchy matchy.  

Nothing gets more comments from my work mates than when I really pull it off like I did with these nail polish jewellery pieces.  Matching my nails to the jewellery to my outfit, it rocks!.  While nail polish jewellery have been around for ages for all us regulars in the nail polish world, let me tell you that my work mates were completely amazed at the appearance of all the items I have to so you. They couldn't believe glitter polish could look so awesome as jewellery.

Considering my passion for polish it may surprise you that I didn't own an nail polish jewellery.  I was actually so impressed and how beautiful all the pieces looked too.  

Oh and I forgot, on the fourth day I've got a giveaway from Jewels made by Jess with three prizes.  So stay tuned for that!!

Lets look at the first piece of jewellery.  This is a set of earrings in design "L - Triangular Bronze" and I chose to have it set with jewels of Femme Fatale Fatal Attraction.  I matched my mani using three thin coats of Fatal Attraction and then placed gold studs decreasing in size on each nail.

I loved the way the gold studs on my nails complemented the dotty effect on the earring.

You can see these earrings made with other nail polishes on the Jewels Made by Jess Etsy listing for this item.

Thanks for stopping by, and see you tomorrow for the new piece.

Jewellery provided for review.


  1. wow these Earrings match beautifully with your nails!
    I love this manicure ;)

    Xx Julia

  2. I love when nails and jewelry match, this was so beautiful!

  3. Absolutely stunning!


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