Thursday, March 20, 2014

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Incoco Nail Polish Strips - Garden Daydream selection

I have three recent manis I wore featuring some of the new Garden Daydream Incoco nail polish strips. You can read about my previous review and wear test on Incoco nail strips here.

Garden Path and Down to Earth - For this mani I tried something I've not done before, I created a ruffian design by stacking two nail polish strips on top of each other.  I saw this done on some other Incoco manis and thought it looked excellent.  The strips create such a perfect ruffian because of the pre-cut curved cuticle edge.  

I started with a full base of Down to Earth, which is a pastel light green creme shade.  On top of that I applied Garden Path leaving a few millimeters of Down to Earth showing at the top.  I kept my index finger plain as an accent.  The white base colour on Garden Path is a little sheer, so the green shade beneath shows though making it blend even more.

Apple Blossom - For this mani I did a bit of mix and match.  I wore Apple Blossom nail polish strips on my thumb, middle and ring fingers.  On my index and pinky I did a pale pink to white gradient and then sponged on a single layer of Ulta3 Marshmallow, which is a frosty white.  The sponged frosty polish on top of the gradient created a smooth shimmery sheen similar to that of the nail polish strips.

Tea Party - The nail polish strips in this set contain a mix of spring roses over pale pink polka dots, as well as some that are just the pale pink polka dots with no roses. I really loved how that strips I selected as the right size for my nails created a flowing bramble of roses across my nails.  I actually only noticed it when I was taking these photos.  I really loved this design as it has those little roses that many clever free hand nail artists can paint, but this is the super easy way to get the same look.

All these designs are just so soft, feminine and spring like, I really liked the appearance of all of them.  These are only a few of the eight nail art designs and four creme shades available in the Incoco Garden Daydream collection.

Thanks for looking. Which design is your favourite?

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  1. WOW! These manis blew me away they look so awesome. I especially love the first one (Garden Path and Down to Earth). So beautiful, I am loving that combination! Thanks so much for sharing, I will definitely have to take a deeper look into these!

  2. Cute manicures, darling.


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