Sunday, March 9, 2014

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Black and White with a dot of gold

Remember a few weeks back when I did my sister-in-law's nails for her wedding? Today I'm finally getting around to showing the mani I wore for the day.  I wore a black and white dress, so I naturally did black and white nails too. 

I did a white base using Ozotic Mr Big.  I then stamped with a few different plates.  The lines and the dotted swirl are from Moyou plates and the circles with the gold studs were from a Lily Anna plate.

My favourite nails were both the studded circles as well as the fine dot swirls. I was actually surprised that the dotted swirls transferred onto the stamper and then the nail so well, I thought they were going to be too fine.


  1. This looks so nice! I especially like the pics of your two hands together!

  2. wow this is really cool and unique

  3. I really like this classic black and white manicure!
    Your nails look perfect :)

    Xx julia

  4. Curious nail art.

  5. These look great. Black and white combo always rocks

  6. I love the ones with the fine dots.

  7. I love the design on the ring and middle finger, and the overall look is great to


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