Thursday, March 27, 2014

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Subway water decals

I have some cute water decals to share on my nails tonight. These are full nail water decals that I purchased from the Born Pretty Store. I wasn't sure if they were a solid colour or transparent from looking at them on the paper, so I did a base coat of white polish.  It turns out they were fully opaque, so I didn't need the base, but I still like to have something down for the decal to adhere to.

The subway map on these is for the South Korean subway, which I'm guessing is where these must be made.  The writing is just a bit to small to actually make out what any of the stop say, but it did have large writing over difference sections.

I thought these looked pretty fancy on. The only thing I didn't really like was that the sheet of decals wasn't big enough for me to do all ten nails easily.  I really had to cut and change the angle of the decals on different nails (which I did on my right hand). The little bid OCD part of me really hated that all then nails were therefore not facing the same way, with the subway map all connected up.  

This is item QQ-43 on the Vintage Letter Graffiti Map.  Which of course is currently out of stock.  I really do like the Born Pretty Store for it's range of nail products and it's competitive prices, but unfortunately, their lack of speed in the processing and shipping time is really letting them down.  You really need to plan ahead with your BPS orders.


  1. These are great. I have some NYC map decals that I got at Walmart and really like. How long do your shipments usually take from BPS? I've only ordered from them twice. My second order was from months ago and I am still working with them to get it. :(

    1. WHOA! I do not have the patience to wait more than 5 weeks for anything nail related.

  2. Love the idea of a subway mani, it seems pretty sweet and unique

  3. Hi everyone, I've placed 2 orders with BPS. The first one took one month to arrive during the holidays. I'm waiting on my 2nd order, which I placed 6 weeks ago. It has shipped, but I guess it takes super long to arrive in the US. I agree -- they need to speed up the processing and shipping times. You'd think it would be quicker, especially since products supposedly ship via airmail. I love their water decals. =)

  4. It such a great idea to put these decals on your nails!
    Your nail,arts are soo creativee!

    Xx julia


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