Sunday, March 23, 2014

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Major League Baseball in Oz

Sorry if you missed me last night, especially after clicking over into my fifth bogging year.  Our little family had a quick round trip up to Sydney over the weekend.  The main reason was to attend the Major League Baseball Opening Series between the LA Dodgers and the Arizona Diamond Backs.  We went to the Saturday night game and the atmosphere was fantastic. 

Naturally I had to do up some fancy nails for the occasion.  The easiest way for me to get a neat look in a quick timeframe was to print out some temporary tattoos with the designs I wanted. I did the MLB logo on my thumb, a little Sydney landscape and text for my index finger, the Dodgers logo on my middle finger, the Dbacks logo on my ring finger and some baseballs on my pinky.  Quick and easy. The woman sitting next to me at the game even noticed my nails, although she seemed shocked and confused when I said they weren't acrylics, but my own nails - and that I did them myself!

Miss Three wont remember much of it as she fell asleep in about the third inning, but Mr five had an amazing time.  We somehow managed to score some awesome seats that didn't didn't cost and arm and a leg (they only cost an arm!) We were sitting in the beautiful members stand at the SCG and had access to all the members stand facilities - which was totally awesome and unexpected. 

We were in row F, which we assumed would be seven rows back.  But it turns out someone didn't pass kindergarten, because row F was only two rows from the edge of the field!  It was also the spot were all the press were, so it was fun watching all the TV action going on in front of us as well as seeing it projected up on the big screen. 

My hubby was also glad to be able to catchup with one of the Diamond Back coaches who had come to Australia way back in the mid 1990's and coached his national league team when he was only twenty years old.  He was pretty stoked that he actually remember him by name before he was able to remind him who he was.  It was a great night, and certainly not one that will be repeated here in Australia for a long time.

We stayed at the Novotel at Darling Harbour which had lovely views of the city and harbour.  As we were having a late night and only staying one night, we decided to just share the room between the four of us.  This meant that we eached shared a bed with one of the kids.  The kids both seemed to sleep well, but hubby and I were comparing stories in the morning about the kids in bed, to determine who had the worst nights sleep.  There was one time when I woke up to a kick in the shoulder to discover Mr Five laying upside down next to me. WTF!!

We took the kids to the Aquarium this morning.  We seemed to race through it much faster than I wanted to, as Mr five was just so excited to walk into the tunnels beneath the shark tanks.But the best part to the busy weekend was that the kids crashed in the car for the three hour drive home.  As for me, I'm not even doing my nails tonight as I'm going to bed early!

Nighty night everyone.


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    1. Nice story. I'm really into your post when you mix sport with nails. I love the way you do it, girl. Baseball isn't our average, people usually go to see football or basketball. But thank for your story. I must admit your nails are always wonderful.

  2. I'm so jealous you went to that game! I'm from Arizona, my heart still belongs there, and so the Diamondbacks are my team through and through.

  3. Hi how do you make the temp tats for your nails?

    Thanks Kim


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