Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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Blasts from the Past - Revlon Street Wears

I was browsing around in my stash the other day and came across the handful of Revlon Street Wear polishes that I still had from the late 1990's. I thought it would be nice to wear these polishes again, as I've had them for so long and used to wear these all the time, but haven't touched them since my nail stash exploded four years ago.  

The most interesting part for me is seeing what colours I was attracted to purchasing way back then, and as it turns out, they are still my favourite colours to wear - golds and greens!

Bare it - a light shimmery bronze in the sun, that appears more neutral in the shade and indoors.

Deception - an metallic shimmery camouflage green.

Gold Mine - a strong shimmery gold in a pale dusty grey base. It looks slightly duochrome in some lighting.

Midas - clear base with silver holographic bars and small gold hexes (layered over Gold Mine).

Prism - Medium sized silver holographic hexes.

Scheming -a warm toned, green leaning golden metallic shimmer.

A lot of the old Street Wear polishes are still available on ebay today, and the prices range from about $5 to $30 per bottle depending on the shade. All of mine are still going strong, I did need to add some Seche Restore to the bottle of Prism, as it was quite thick and gluggy, but otherwise they applied well.

I'd love to hear about which Revlon Street Wear polishes you remember as your favourites, and if you still have some now.


  1. I was crazy of Prism polish.

  2. Awesome swatches. Revlon Street Wear is what got me hooked on nail polish so they hold a very, very special place in my heart. I still have all of mine except the shade Nightmare which I seemed to have lost. I have Splash, Charming (I even bought back ups for those two), Diamond Girl, Moody, Midnight, Toad, Grass Stain, Confetti, Hologram, Gun Metal and Tar! I do still wear them but not quite as often, like you, since my collection grew.

  3. I inherited 2 of them. I have Gun Metal Chrome an awesome chrome grey/silver, and Elf Lutin a brilliant dark green. I have to say they are awesome colours.

  4. I remember that Midas one. I painted my old nokia 5110 phone with it. Now I feel old!

  5. The only Street Wear I ever managed to get (small town; only one store carried it, and they sold out instantly) was a bottle of Tar, which, coincidentally, I have on my nails right now! There are two coats of Revlon Ritzy over it, but still. I miss the Street Wear line.

  6. How amazing that they're still useable! These were the first I ever had as a "collection" and I had almost all of them. It was also the first time I remember there being the glitter and the foils and that kind of "ugly/weird" kinds of colors. I do wish I still had them, but I don't.

  7. We also collect street wear. We are into the 90s goth scene since the 90s and even today, we still wear and collect. We have midnight, dark, Dark blue fx glitter, voodoo, charming, vice, splash, black widow, grape, elf and raw. Love those. Both me and my wife.


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