Thursday, March 6, 2014

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Peacock nail art with Picture polish Tail feather

Yesterday I shared my swatches of the new Picture Polish collaboration shades, and today I wanted to show you how I wore Tail Feather.

After reading about Kayla Schevonne's passion for peacocks, which was the inspiration behind this design, I knew I had to do a peacock mani.

Now I have lots and lots of peacock themed stamping plates, but I also had these temporary tattoos that I had printed out more than a year again which I still hadn't used yet.  I printed these designs myself and then just trimmed them to be nail size and shape and stuck them to my nails. I love these temporary tattoo designs because the colours are so vibrant and the details are so much more than I can ever achieve with stamping.


  1. I love the way that looks! It's seriously cool :)

  2. These are seriously cool! I never even knew you could print out your own temp tattoos!

  3. I'm shocked. I love this green colour.

  4. Do you sell them by chance?


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