Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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Red hearts with Ozotic, Pretty Serious and Nail Vinyls

Just because Valentines day is gone doesn't mean we can't rock love heart nail designs, right?  I actually didn't get into any Valentines day nail art this year, so maybe that's why the urge hit me two weeks later to want to do some.  I really love how this came out, and it's all thanks to @ladylisa who inspired me with her design.

I did a base of Ozotic 521, one of the most stunning and amazing polishes I own.  Although this polish is now discontinued, did you know that Picture Polish will be re-releasing it as part of their line some time in the future.  I think that is so awesome for all the ladies out there just getting into to nail polish, because it means they wont miss out on amazing polishes like this, nor will they have to resort to paying huge bucks to get the discontinued ones.

On top of Ozotic 621, I applied heart shaped nail vinyls that I purchased from the Nail Vinyls Store Envy shop.  On top of that I layered two thin coast of Pretty Serious, Surfing Alien. Surfing Alien is a very textured and glittery matte silver textured polish. The formula on Surfing Alien is thick, but it dries down so perfectly and created such neat lines with the nail foils. 

I don't own too many textured polishes. I love the look of them, but I just cant adjust to the rough and scratchy texture, it kind of creeps me out. As such, I've been very selective in my purchases of textures and with the exception of gold, I've limited myself to only a few polishes in a select few shades.  I chose Surfing Alien to be my silver texture, and I'm really happy with it. It has both fine and small glitters and is super sparkly.


  1. I really really like this manicure!
    It is sweet, but cool at the same time.
    Love all the sparkles

  2. I really like this, I thought it was a pure textured base that you stamped over. Looks so nice!

  3. wow I love this sparkly manicure!
    It looks beautiful :)

    Xx Julia

  4. Wow, these nail vinyls keep what they promise! Great mani!

  5. Aw! Wonderful, girl!


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