Monday, March 24, 2014

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Red Foils with black stamping and studs

Here is something I wore a few weeks back when I was having an odd run of wearing red polish nearly every day.  

I started with a red base, which was Tuff Scent Rose smelling polish called Love.  I then applied a red patterned foil and topped it with Picture Polish Revolution. Next was some simple stamping and black round studs. Quick and easy and quite striking.

Sorry, I don't have much chit chat tonight. I've got house work I need to catch up on - whoo hoo pretty exciting stuff. I'd much rather than playing with polish or writing on my blog.


  1. Looks beautiful, I love red nails!

  2. wow, this red manicure looks soo stunning on your nails!
    I really like the black details that you added to complet this nail art design ;)

    Xx Julia

  3. That looks awesome! Have fun! :) x

  4. Love the red polish with both the black stamping and the studs!

  5. I've been reading through some of your stamping posts. I just bought some Moyou plates (can't wait to get get them!) but I wasn't if I should get a new stamper. I only have the Salon Express one. Does it work well enough for full nail images and intricate designs?

  6. Beautiful nail art.

  7. Man I really need to figure out my stamping kit


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